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AngularJS vs Ember

Discourse is an Ember application and has been since the first prototype, so I have a lot of experience with it.

If I were to rank the amount of tools various client side MVC frameworks give you, Angular seems to exist somewhere near the half way point between Backbone and Ember.

Ember has more concepts to learn and more to wrap your head around than AngularJS. Before you write off Ember due to its complexity, consider why the developers added all that extra stuff. Perhaps it’s there for a reason?

Ember is a toolbox full of concepts you will find useful if you want to build a large and maintainable application. The trade offs it has made in its API are there to help you structure your code in a sane way. As you learn Ember you will notice several philosophies and opinions that are completely absent from the AngularJS framework.

In Ember, all models extend the Ember.Object base class. When you do this, you gain the ability to declare relationships within and between models

This illustrates a key difference between Ember and AngularJS. Ember subscribes to the Uniform Access Principle. In an Ember template, regardless of whether you are accessing something that is computed or something that is a primitive, the expression looks the same. In AngularJS, functions have to be specifically demarcated.

This can cause maintainability nightmares down the road. Over time, in a large software project, you will inevitably want to replace something that was previously a primitive with a method. In Ember you can do this painlessly; in AngularJS you’ll have to update every template where that model is used. article Choosing between React and Angular: An in-Depth Comparison By Pavels Jelisejevs The Modern Application Stack - Part 5: Using ReactJS, ES6 & JSX to Build a UI (the rise of MERN)

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