Move Email to Bluehost

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Download the mail from GoDaddy

getmail mail retriever

getmail is a mail retriever designed to allow you to get your mail from one or more mail accounts on various mail servers to your local machine for reading with a minimum of fuss. getmail is designed to be secure, flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use. getmail is designed to replace other mail retrievers such as fetchmail.


Configuration file is ~/.getmail/getmails

        type = SimplePOP3Retriever
        server =
        username =
        password = strongpassword
        type = Maildir
        path = ~/.getmail/maildir/

It was necessary to move the emails from the saved folder to the inbox, run getmail to grab them and then move them back to the saved folder.

Upload to Bluehost

Perhaps use software like this, imap-upload

Lifehacker article on importing to gmail with imap

Apparently Thunderbird can drag and drop to an imap server.

Maildir Directory Structure

Dovecot uses Maildir++ directory layout for organizing mailbox directories. This means that all the folders are directly inside ~/Maildir directory:

~/Maildir/new, ~/Maildir/cur and ~/Maildir/tmp directories contain the messages for INBOX. The tmp directory is used during delivery, new messages arrive in new and read shall be moved to cur by the clients.

~/Maildir/.folder/ is a mailbox folder

~/Maildir/.folder.subfolder/ is a subfolder of a folder (ie. “folder/subfolder”)

Most importantly this means that if your maildir folders exist in eg. ~/Maildir/folder and ~/Maildir/folder/subfolder, Dovecot won’t see them unless you rename them to Maildir++ layout. v1.1 supports them by adding :LAYOUT=fs to mail_location.



I could rsync to these folders on Bluehost .




        cd ~/godaddy_export/
        scp -r .gcs
        scp -r .craig

Then in Roundcube the folder must be subscribed to.