LED Lighting on Porch Steps

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Ordered 2 16.4 foot reels of Waterproof Gel LED Strips - $48.00

Waterproof Epoxy Gel 5m (16.4ft) 300xSMD3528 LED Flexible Strip with White Background

  • Waterproof – entire LED strip covered in epoxy gel.
  • Cuttable and linkable – mix and match lengths and sizes to your choosing.
  • Easy installation – peel off paper on back of LED strip and stick to clean, flat surface.
  • Flexible – fits just about any space you can imagine.
  • 3M double sided tape on back of LED strip.
  • Eco friendly – uses very little energy, without harmful radiations.
  • DC jack on one end, and wires on other end.

Inline 12v power plug and jack

Coaxial power connector

A coaxial power connector is an electrical power connector used for attaching extra-low voltage devices such as consumer electronics to external electricity. Also known as barrel connectors, concentric barrel connectors or tip connectors, these small cylindrical connectors come in an enormous variety of sizes.

LED Wholesalers - 12 Volt 12 Amp 144 Watt AC Power Adapter Transformer Power Supply

  • Output Voltage 12VDC
  • Output Current 12A
  • Power 144W
  • DC Jack Outer Diameter 5.5mm
  • DC Jack Inner Diameter 2.5mm
  • DC Jack Polarity Center Positive

LED Wholesalers - AC Power Adapter 5V with 5mm DC Jack

  • Output Voltage 5 Volts DC
  • Power 30W
  • Current Output 6A
  • DC Jack 5.5x2.1mm

PWM Dimming Controller For LED Lights or Ribbon, 12 Volt 8 Amp

Product Code: 3301

LED Wholesalers - Dimmer with 5.5mm barrel power connector

Universal single color LED dimmer can dim any 12VDC LED products from 0 to 100 percent using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) circuit. Knob control for full intensity adjustment range. Maximum Load is 2 Amps, has Male and Female 5.5mm barrel power connector for connecting in-line with our CPS series Power Supplies.

Ordered Power Supply - $28.00

Waterproof LED Driver Transformer 60 Watt 12V with 3-prong Plug

Colored Heat shrink for power wire id and splicing

Cable Organizer dot com 3:1 Heat Shring tubing

  • HS3-0063FT 1/16” to 1/48” Black - $0.65 / ft
  • HS3-0125FT 1/8” to 1/24” Black, Clear, Red, White, Yellow - $0.90 / foot
  • HS3-0188FT 3/16” to 1/16” Black, Clear, Red, White, Yellow - $1.12 / foot
  • HS3-025FT 1/4” to 1/12” Black, Clear, Red, White, Yellow, Purple - $1.38 / ft
  • HS3-0375FT 3/8” to 1/8” Black, Clear, Red, White, Yellow, Gray, Blue, Purple, Orange - $1.72 / ft
  • HS3-050FT 1/2” to 1/6” Black, Clear, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Gray, Purple - $2.03 / ft

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