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  • technics 1600 mk
  • technics 1700 mk
  • Denon DP-30L II
  • pioneer pl-400
  • Kenwood KD-3070
  • Pioneer PL-630

Curious on audioasylum

Go to hifishark.Com

Enter “Kenwood KD-3070”, or “Pioneer PL-630”.

Look for the best attainable examples of these tables at your budget. Shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do. They are solidly built, direct drive tables that are vastly superior to ANY new table below $600.00 bucks that you’ll find. Period.

You’ll thank me later.


  • JVC QL-7

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Turntable Model Ebay Listing Selling Price Sell Date
Technics SL-1600 MK2 TURNTABLE 271299494979 350.00 Oct 29, 2013 13:45:44 PDT
TECHNICS SL 1600 MARK 2 251362297565 208 + 109 shipping Oct 27, 2013 18:29:58 PDT
SL 1600 with AT96E cartridge 281182870809 250 + 35 shipping Oct 11, 2013 20:53:57 PDT
Technics SL-1600 - Shure cart? 121219798724 $199.95 + $35 shipping Nov 26, 2013 18:00:24 PST
Technics SL-Q2 w/ Shure VN35MR 181261064764 $125 + $24.25 shipping Nov 20, 2013 08:19:26 PST
Technics SL-Q2 - No cart. or headshell 251373692355 $79.95 + $25.86 shipping Nov 12, 2013 18:45:00 PST
Technics SL-Q2 w/ cartridge 380762438153 $56.00 + $21.91 shipping Nov 11, 2013 11:00:23 PST
TECHNICS SL-Q2 WITH ADCOM CARTRIDGE 121202932974 $66.00 + $49.35 Shipping Nov 03, 2013 08:23:45 PST
Technics SL-Q2 - no headshell or cartridge 321240830150 $129.00 + $35.00 Shipping Ended: Nov 01, 2013 16:28:26 PDT
Technics SL-Q2 w/ cartridge 390674041010 $125.00 + $24.00 Shipping Oct 06, 2013 14:13:14 PDT
Technics SL 1200 M3D Turntable 281218250234 $525 + $49 shipping Dec 03, 2013 12:08:47 PST

Listing Details


Up for sale, is an excellent condition, one owner, automatic Technics SL 1600 Direct Drive System Turntable, with very low hours, that I’ve purchased when it was brand new.

It is nearly pristine cosmetically. Dust cover has couple scratches (see pictures).

No cracks, or chips anywhere on dust cover, or on the TT, hinges work as new, nice and snug.

Tone arm starts and returns to the correct point of record every time, and all functions work perfectly, as they should.

Turntable comes with Audio Tech. Stereo Cartridge AT96E

This SL 1600 has audiophile level performance, sounds amazing, it is a heavy and sturdy turntable, has superior accuracy, warm clean sound, and all in perfect working condition.


Up for sale this week is this RARE vintage Technics SL 1600 Mark 2 Quartz Direct drive automatic turntable. It comes with an original V15 type III Super Track Plus Sure Cartridge.

Faint, barely visible scuffs on the dust cover. The base of the turntable is scuff free and very clean.

The turntable works, I have used it to play my vinyls but the queue button, the pop-up light and the start stop button does not work either. The green quartz lock light does not come on but keeps perfect RPM.

Information on the Technics SL 1600

AudioAsylum Post

I almost bought another 1200 awhile back but went for the 1600 MK2

Posted by matt67bianco (A) on December 3, 2008 at 21:51:49

In Reply to: Best vintage technics direct drive turntable? posted by audionewbie27 on December 3, 2008 at 18:02:26:

…Don’t get me wrong, I love the 1200—it’s a ‘fun’ table—but the 1600 MK2 is a ‘different animal’ or flavor in the best way possible. The 1600 MK2 to me sonically represents why I thoroughly enjoy playing records; The music sounds very much alive on one of these decks!

It’s a turntable and an investment you will not regret—but, if you opt not to go with the 1600 MK2, keep your eye open for these solidly built,reliable models that are just a few steps beneath the hierarchy of the 1600 MK2 and the 1200 MK2—–Technics SL Q2, SL Q3, SL Q202, SL Q 303.—I own two of these models and am very happy with them and ZERO mechanical or electronic issues with them.None whatsoever, and they are circa 1980-81.

Technics SL 1600 / 1700 Mk2

AudioAsylum - Need Technics SL-1700 mkII information

Opus 104 - MK II versions are Quartz-Lock

All Technics MK II versions are Quartz-Lock, not servo., posted on July 20, 2011 at 17:04:01

Opus 104

Yes, the arms in the MKIIs are similar. Plus, IIRC, it has a suspended subchasis holding the platter and arm. My SL-1600 MKII had this, too, and it was on a par, performance wise, with my SL-1200 MK2. There is a source for the small belt that operates the cueing system. Try www.electronicplus.com. The part number is 1407-52, and the cost as of 11/27/03 excluding shipping is $4.00.

matt67bianco - The 1700 MK2 is the semi-auto model

The 1700 MK2 is the semi-auto model of the 1600 MK2 that I have…, posted on July 20, 2011 at 18:11:02


Location: Phoenix, AZ

Except the 1600 MK2 is a full-auto/start-stop ‘table, but can be used as a semi-auto, as well.

The 1700 MK 2 has:

A servo-motorized arm using a belt(independent from any linkages,gears,etc. connected to the platter motor). You manually cue it up but the arm will return by itself at the end of play to the resting position(hence, semi-auto).

The top plinth is die-cast aluminum(no plastic).Double suspension system/isolators/shocks/springs.Inner base is TNRC material(Technics Non Resonance Compound,rubber, like the 1200 MK2).

The motor(even specs),platter,mat,arm(sans auto feature) are exactly the same as the 1200.It’s a brushless DC,Quartz speed controlled motor for better(more accurate) pitch,wow & flutter specs than if it was just a regular servo motor used on their lower end models.

Now, this is what I found out about the differences between the playback sound characteristics and anti-resonant plinth damping qualities between the 1600 MK2/1700 MK2 versus the 1200 MK2.— I currently own a 1200 MK2 and a 1600 MK2 for several years,now( I actually had a 1200 M3D(MK2) model,but, sold it years ago and just a month ago bought a 1200 MK2)… Don’t be fooled by the 1700 MK2 weighing less than the 1200 MK2. Its iso-sprung suspension does the job that it is intended to do—and VERY well indeed, I might add;Keeps any external unwanted vibrations from speakers,footfalls,etc. isolated or at bay.

While the 1200 is heftier than the 1700/1600 MK2, if you finger tap test the top plinth on the 1200, you can still hear a light ‘thud’ out the speakers(though,compared to lighter tables I’ve owned, it’s still obviously well damped). Finger tap the top of a 1700/1600MK2 and nothing!No ‘thud’ sound. Nada. I was really impressed and taken aback by how well the 1700/1600 MK2 were well made back in the day and outperformed a 1200 MK2 in that respect!

Sound and music-wise,the stock 1200 MK2 does come across very pleasing and GOOD to these ears(my ears, my experience). Yes, it does have what some call a somewhat “dark” or slightly heavy sonic characteristic and presentation with the music—the louder you crank your system it becomes more evident(the TNRC plinth doing its job).

In contrast, the 1700 MK2/1600 MK2 does NOT have this same sonic or musical playback characteristic. Music comes across as more lively. The louder I crank my system, I detect no “heavy solid” sound as I do with the 1200. There is something to be said for some suspended turntable plinths when that design is executed very well(Technics definitely knew what they were doing with the 1600 and 1700 MK2’s).

Going from your SL D2 to the 1700 MK2 is night and day—I had an SL D2,also.What you have to look out for is the tonearm belt needing to be replaced(as the automated servo arm cueing belts are known to malfunction from age). On the 1700 MK2, you do not have a cueing mechanical arm lever like on the 1200, only a button on the front control bezel; It’s done with the arm servo belt motor.If the belt goes, you have no arm lifting or lowering function.

I can tell you that others I’ve talked to over the years who own the 1700 MK2 and 1600 MK2(including myself)absolutely enjoy what these particular Technics models can do; Both automatically and sonically!!They were the sleeper cousins to the 1200 MK2.Also, when these vintage ‘tables are modified,tweaked,customized,the results take them to a whole ‘nother level of great performance. Over the years, I’ve heard more comments about the(stock) 1200 not being musical enough, or detailed,or well imaged versus what I’ve heard and experienced with the other MK2 models.The 1200 MK2 and 1700MK2,despite sharing a lot in common, except for suspension design and automation, are two different flavors IMHO and experience; One’s vanilla and one’s chocolate—I like both.

(Btw, VA inmate, Scott Thompson—and I am ever so grateful to the man—introduced me to what the 1600 MK2 is capable of doing as I own one of his 1600 MK2 models).

I hope this helps.



Information on the Technics SL-Q2 and SL-Q3

Audio Asylum - Technics SL Q2 and Q3….

Technics SL Q2(Quartz speed accurate,heavy,well damped die-cast metal plinth)—Simple,reliable,easy to use, semi-auto return(manual start u

A couple of SL Q3’s (Full auto, Quartz speed accuracy,memo-repeat, can be used as a semi-manual by cueing tonearm yourself instead of letting autofunction take over)…

Q2 is semi-auto (arm returns at end of play), BUT you can still use as partial manual since you have to cue it up yourself…The SL Q3 is the one I have (I have two of them)…I know you said full manual.However, again, you can maually cue up the tonearm if you want, overriding the auto-start… Very solid and underrated decks from Technics…They do have some of the 1200 heritage in them—The motor may not be as torquey as the 1200’s but same direct drive AND Quartz speed accurate design… My Q3’s are from 1979 and they still are FULLY operational in 2009(30 year old ‘tables !)—NEVER has the full auto mechanism posed a problem or breakdown…The die-cast metal plinth itself is heavy (not as heavy as the 1200’s) and very well damped from unwanted vibrations…It’s practically a plug n’ play……..The Q2 is also a VERY simple and straightforward deck to use.For EASY and extremely low maintenance, I add 1 or 2 drops of spindle bearing oil every year or couple of years.

What the Q2/Q3 lack are pitch control(cannot override or play with the quartz accurate function)and no adjustable tonearm VTA height adjustment as on the 1200 MK2.—So, if you are looking for those features, these Technics don’t have them.

The Q2/3 are very reliable and economical solid turntables.—Super smooth damped cueing as well.Soundwise,they are also clean sounding decks(clean presentable bass,mids,highs,decent detail).I have also NEVER modded,tweaked,repaired, or have done anything to these fine underrated decks—Again, I do stress their great and super dependable reliability factor from my experience of owning them for years;They are no-nonsense decks that perform admirably…

The Q2 and Q3 are like the ‘younger’ or smaller siblings of the 1200 MK2 and 1600 MK2 (bear a closer resemblance to the 1600 MK2)…

Audio Asylum - Welcome to the VA!….Whatever you do,DO NOT…

…get rid of that Technics SL Q2—-I have two Q3’s that have a few more automated features than the Q2…Both the Q2 and Q3 are VERY reliable and sharp looking decks as I’m sure you know already.I’m a fan of those ‘tables.My SL Q3’s have been performing flawlessy since 1979-(30 years and going strong).I just apply a drop or two of spindle bearing oil once a year.According to the Vintage Technics site, the Q2 was $200 with the Q3 at $240(MSRP prices).


AudioAsylum - reelsmith - In the day of the DP-52F …

straight-forward table called the DP-30L

In the day of the DP-52F …

Posted by reelsmith. (A) on April 2, 2009 at 13:21:53

In Reply to: Denon DP 1200 vs. Denon DP-52F posted by scottier1 on April 2, 2009 at 12:25:51:

…Denon also sold a very straight-forward table called the DP-30L. It was essentially the base, motor and platter of the 50 series, but with a plain-Jane S-shaped arm …rather than the arm of the 52F with its electronic resonance control. I worked in a hi-fi shop at the time and it was very hard to sell the 52F if folks listened to the 30L. The 30L was less expensive and better sounding.


  • Technics sl1200
  • Technics sl1600
  • Akai AP 206/207
  • Philips 800 series. 212, 312, late 70s models like 777, 829
  • Pioneer Pl-12D, PL-120
  • Technics SQ DD. 1300/1400/1500
  • Technics SL 1600mk2, 1700mk2
  • Dual 500 series. 700 series, 505, 1249, 1019
  • Sansui SR222, 525
  • Russco/Rek-O-Kut (US inmates)
  • Denon DP-30L II

Audio Asylum

I hardly ever see a good 70’s TT anymore in the thrifts. Online there is less supply and the prices have gone up. Sellers want 200 euro for a Thorens TD160 with the heavy arm. There are still vintage TT’s flying under the radar so to speak, Akai AP 206/207, Philips 800 series, Pioneer Pl-12D, Technics SQ DD, Dual 500 series.

Sympathy for the Bottom Feeder - a new FAQ?

Posted by plantsman (A) on September 5, 2006 at 05:12:57

I’ve been trying to help a poster on the Record Collectors Guild Forum who is trying to get into vinyl for dirt cheap. My thought is that there are probably quite a number of people out there for whom the $400+ for a decent new turntable is really a huge amount of money. Maybe we ought to combine our expertise to put together a buyers guide to inexpensive used turntables: which ones are worth looking for and which ones to avoid plus notes on how to check for serious problems. I’m talking about tables that someone has a realistic chance of finding used in good condition for less than $200, ideally less than $100. There probably should be a parallel FAQ about cheap cartridges.

My nomination: the Denon DP-30L II - this is a competitor for the Technics SL-1200 series but it has a lower mass arm (dynamically balanced/no servo) better suited to high compliance moving magnet or moving iron cartridges.

I’ll let the Thorens, Technics and Dual experts fill in their nominations in those lines. JVC? Pioneer? Kenwood? Yamaha?

I would avoid the Philips GA-212/312 series - in my experience the arm “bearings” (I think they may actually be delrin bushings) don’t age very gracefully. IMO No P-Mounts!

Saves me from posting the same post every time!

Posted by Munkie_NL (A) on September 5, 2006 at 05:54:48

In Reply to: Sympathy for the Bottom Feeder - a new FAQ? posted by plantsman on September 5, 2006 at 05:12:57:

  • Pioneer Pl-12D, Pl-120
  • Sansui SR222, 525
  • Dual 700 series, 505, 1249, 1019
  • Thorens : almost any model except 105, 110 and post the year 2000
  • Philips 212, 312, late 70s models like 777, 829
  • Luxman 70s/early 80s (tends to be expensive though)
  • Garrard SP25mk4
  • Technics 1300/1400/1500
  • Lenco L75/76/78 (when you’re living in UK/Europe)
  • Russco/Rek-O-Kut (US inmates)

cartridges: Shure M75/95/97/V15III, AT95/110/120, Ortofon (super) OM20, ADC XLM mk2, Stanton 681EEE, Pickering V15

RE: Best Choice for Used Table $200

Posted by caligari (A) on July 22, 2011 at 22:12:01

In Reply to: Best Choice for Used Table $200 posted by DrD on July 22, 2011 at 16:45:25:

All used direct drive turntables mostly under $200 with integrated tonearm. Some might cost a little more but if you play your card right, you can still get them in the $200 range. In that range, I usually look for ones with a coreless motor for my personal sonic taste.

  • JVC QL-7
  • JVC QL-A7
  • JVC QL-F6
  • JVC QL-Y55F
  • JVC QL-Y3F
  • Kenwood KD-770D
  • Pioneer PL-570
  • Pioneer PL-550
  • Pioneer PL-600
  • Pioneer PL-500
  • Pioneer PL-L1000
  • Sony PS-X50
  • Sony PS-X60
  • Technics SL-150Mk2 (no arm)
  • Technics SL-M2
  • Yamaha YP-D71

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