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How could I reorigin a group so the upper left of the bounding box is at 0,0?

2015-01-07 08:59:08

LiamW create guides around the page enable snap to bbox corners snap it to the corner

sanguivor Upper left at 0,0 would mean it would not be on the page.

su_v 0,0 as in SVG origin probably (which is upper left of the page in Inkscape, originally) (could be a question about the translate() transforms on layer groups?)

cootcraig su_v Yes I want to prepare groups to become svg elements for placement and animation in a browser.

su_v cootcraig: ungroup, regroup the selection again this will however cause the transform attribute to be inherited by the former members of the original group if it’s about a translate() on an Inkscape layer (because the page size (height) was chanegd): add a new layer, move content to the new layer same effect though: the translate() of the original layer will be passed on to the objects formerly on that layer repeat for each group (ungroup, regroup) until you reached the level of ‘flatness’ (without transforms) as needed inkscape shapes will keep the transform no matter what (in 0.48), convert to path if needed without, and nudge path with arrow keys to force a rewrite of the path data (which converts preseved transforms into optimized transforms aka stored in the path ‘d’ itself)

cootcraig su_v Thanks for the helpful comments.

cootcraig I plan to edit one group at a time in inkscape, then hand edit the inkscape file to be a element for import into the browser.