Box Joints

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William Ng simple box joint jig

youtube Ng’s how to make box joints

Demo makes drawer with 5/8” Baltic Birch.

Uses 3/8 inch dado set.

First drawer on top is usually a 6 inch drawer. Drawer front is 6”, opening is 5”.

Blade height set by width of material. About 1/32 inch more than material width.

Spacer 0.004 less than dado kerf.

Make fingers 0.005 - 0.007 inch smaller than kerf.

Leeway version of Lynn box joint jig

Leeway mod of lynns jig - swf

local copy - Lynns Jig Plans

Leeway Workshop - Mods to Lynn box joint jig

Leeway Workshop - Lynns Jig Plans

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$63 at amazon Oshlun SBJ-0830 8-Inch Box and Finger Joint Set

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