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Paulk Portable Workbench(s)

Workbench II and rolling stand for Craftsman saw first. Then Miter stand.

Paulk Store plans #2 $22 Workbench II, Miter Stand, Crosscut Jig

Shop Storage

LumberJocks Forum KMT project - Parts storage with food containers

Router Table

Use Jay’s Quick Release Lever Router Lift Lever Router Plans

youtube Router Lift build video

use PORTER-CABLE 892 2-1/4-Horsepower Router $182.30 at Amazon

woodpeckers store Precision Router Lift V2

Paulk workbench II has router insert at far end.

Matthias Wandel - tilt and non-tilt router lift

woodgears page Matthias Wandel - Tilting router lift

Steve Ramsey router table build

Steve uses the Kreg router insert.

youtube Steve Ramsey router table

Router Lift by John Heisz

Order page Router Lift Plans - $12

Band Saw Rob Porcaro - Creative Uses for Bandsaw


Movable Moxon Vise


LumberJocks Forum Best Upgrade you’ve made


Matthias Wandel Making wall tool holders

Matthias site

Super Sled John W. Nixon super sled build

Dust Collection

Plan to use shop vac with shop build Thien cyclone separator

Shop vac accessories from

Ridgid WD1450 14-gal. Professional Wet/Dry Vacuum

$99 Home Depot. Ridgid WD1450 14-gal. Professional Wet/Dry Vacuum

  • Replacement Filters VF4000, VF5000, VF6000,
  • Filter Bag VF3502
  • Accessory Size 2-1/2 in.

32 gal. trash can.

$30 BRUTE 32 Gal. Gray Vented Waste Container with Lid Pressure Relief

$13.00 Vac-Valve Air Relief Valve for Central Vacuum Systems Model #: IS110 1.25”x 50 ft Shop Hose

$5.00 1.25” to 2.25” Vacuum Tank to Hose Union Adapter

$55 1.25”x 50 ft Crushproof Shop Hose, Orange

$6.00 Low Profile Male Cuff For 1.25” Hose & Tools

$8.00 1.25” x 9” Deluxe Crevice Tool w/Air Release

$14.00 1.25” Deluxe Dust Brush w/horsehair fill

$8.00 1.25” x 17.75” Plastic Straight Wand Dust Collection Parts

$310.00 1.5HP DC3 Portable Dust Collector Motor Blower (no bag or hose) $395.00 2HP - Single Phase Motor Blower: 1350CFM Item #: DC250SEMB HEPA Filter

  • $33 including shipping
  • Part Number: 09093
  • Replaces RIDGID® Filters - VF4000,VF5000, VF6000 and VF7000. Thien Cyclone Separator Lid

The Thien Cyclone Separator Lid w/ the Thien Cyclone Separator Baffle

video TabLeft Thien top hat build video

Matthias Wandel Building a dust collector blower

Matthias Wandel - Using a cheap table saw motor to build an efficient blower for a dust collector

Dave Gatton Thien top hat video 5-Gallon Thien Separator

Building the 5-Gallon Thien Separator for your Shop Vacuum. Shop vacuum tools Improving Shop Vac Dust Collection Shop Vacuum Accessories 7 Gallon Bucket

lumberjocks forum Cyclone dust collector - make your own

evenfall responded on this thread.

Daves Workshop Dust Collection 70 gal. Industrial 5 Micron Dust Collector Dust Collection Research

cstrang at lumberjocks Dust Collector Canister Filter

uses Donaldson P181099 Air Filter Donaldson P181099 Air Filter 24 in. x 36 in. Folding Platform Truck

kehoe web page My Thien Top Hat Cyclone