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slivers mill home page

Slivers Mill, a Forrest Saw Blades distributor, aims to be the one-stop shop for all of your saw blade needs. WE ARE THE LARGEST STOCKING DISTRIBUTOR OF FORREST SAW BLADES AND WILL SHIP MOST ITEMS WITHIN 24 HOURS. We offer virtually all Forrest blades. Why? Because the quality and craftsmanship of Forrest Saw Blades are second to none.

Forrest blades offer a superior cut that leaves a rip-cut saw edge as smooth as if it had been sanded, and a cross-cut edge that is almost mark-free. The blades run very quietly, and backside tearout in plywood is negligible.

Each blade is virtually hand-made. The plate is hand-tensioned (up to 15 minutes per blade), superior C-4 carbide teeth are hand-brazed to the plate, and the blade is straightened and restraightened multiple times throughout the process.

Think of a Forest blade as a tool in your shop, not an accessory. It’s been proven time and again. You’ll save money in the long run by using high quality Forrest saw blades.

home page Infinity Tools

We specialize in the highest quality carbide router bits, router bit sets, shaper cutters, circular saw blades, stacked dado blades, planer knives, jointer knives, carbide insert tooling and other woodworking accessories. Our online woodworking catalog is designed to make your shopping quick and easy. With award-winning products like our 8” Stacked Dado Set and 10” General Purpose table saw blade you’re sure to find the tools you need to make your next project a success. We also feature same day shipping on most orders, a knowledgeable customer service staff, and a 100% quality guarantee. Tools Today Cutting Tools

Matthias Wandel

How much did the machines cost? youtube


$17 - Oshlun MTM-CS 12-Inch Combination Square Set amazon

$40 - Kreg PRS3400 Precision Router Table Set Up Bars, Set of 7 amazon

  • Unique design straddles the Router Bit or saw blade to allow for more precise height adjustment
  • Step on the top edge of each setup bar acts as a gauge to test the depth of your completed cuts
  • Step on the end of each setup bar used to test the fence depth of a table saw blade or Router Bit
  • Made from a soft aluminum designed to prevent damage to your Router Bit or saw blade if contact is made during setup

$20 - BRASS SETUP BARS - 4” LONG by Peachtree Woodworking PW1041 amazon

  • Set Includes 5 bars: 1 each 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" square by 4" long
  • Made of solid brass - will not damage carbide
  • The bars can be stacked to get measurements from 1/8" to 1-7/16"

$16 - Whiteside 9810 Brass Set Up Gauges, 5 Piece Set amazon

$15 - BL-123 Pair of 1” x 2” x 3” Precision Steel 1-2-3 Blocks amazon

I use these all the time…

WB Halper TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on February 17, 2015

This is perfect when a square block of steel is needed. I use them as calibration standards for my woodworking tools. They’re not good enough for high precision metal work, but they’re perfect to calibrate the scale on my miter saw fence…when I stack two blocks between the saw blade and the stop and the scale is adjusted to 6”, I know that the rest of the scale is also dead on. I’m also using four of these, bolted to the saw bed, to hold the miter saw fence exactly vertical and at right angles to the blade path. (BTW, if you look at the picture, the fence pieces are normally much closer together…barely enough to clear the saw blade.)

Want to see if your cheap calipers are reading right? Grab one of these and measure it. At 0.0002” accuracy, they’re far more accurate than any inexpensive measuring tool.

These are cheap and they work. Keep them corrosion free, don’t drop them and they’ll last forever.

Excellent vallue, great functionality

By W. R. Davis on October 7, 2009

I have a Lee Valley router system that uses a steel top and fence with no calibrated scales or adjustments. I finally understood that this fence was designed more from a machinist’s rather than woodworker’s point of view. I purchased some small brass setup blocks and got immediate benefit in repeatable, quick setups. I realized that the larger 1-2-3 blocks should add even more flexibility and I discovered this low cost set of blocks. As soon as I used them, I understood their value. They are well made and for a home user, I see no reason to even consider a more expensive set. I am going to buy one or two sets more. Actually this will make great low cost gifts for my family to give me for Christmas. I’ve used these for more than the router table. They work well on the workbench, the table saw, and the drill press.

Shinwa Measuring

Shinwa Measuring Tools Shinwa Page

Incra Jig Mark/Measure rules

INCRA precision marking rules Inra Page

INCRA precision bend rules Inra Page

INCRA precision T-rules Inra Page

Incra Tiny T-Rule

Part Number: TINYT03

INCRA T-Rules make it very easy to draw exact lines in either direction. INCRA scores again with its precision steel rule … Select the proper slot or hole, insert a .5mm mechanical pencil, and mark the measurement with dead-on accuracy.

This is our pocket sized Tiny T-Rule. Measuring only 3” by 4.5”. It offers INCRA’s patented marking holes at every 1/16th, 32nd, and 64th from 0 to 3 inches. It also has slotted height marking holes at every 32nd on the end. This size is so handy many of our customers keep it in their pocket anytime they are in the shop. These rules are also available in quantity for customization with your company logo.

Drill bits

Colt TwinLand Brad Point Wood Drilling Bits Set

amazon $19.99 Colt Bit Set

Colt 10700412 TwinLand Brad Point Wood Drilling Bits, Metric Set in Plastic Pouch, 7-Piece

Hand tools

HomeDepot U-bolt for dog hole clamp?

$3.60 National Hardware Model # 2192BC 677 SQ U BOLT ZN 3/8 in. x 4 in. x 7 in. Zinc-Plated U Bolt Plate with Hex Nut

Threaded Rod $16.99 3/4-6 x 36” Acme Threaded Rod

Grizzly hand wheel $14 6” hand wheel

Power to the Tools


lumberjocks Review Bosch JS365

Amazon $99.00 Bosch JS365 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw Kit

Makita 4351FCT

$159.00 on Amazon. Makita 4351FCT Barrel Grip Jig Saw with L.E.D. Light

Flush Trim router

HarborFreight $30 Trim Router

Track Saw

$335 at amazon Triton TTS1400 6-1/2-Inch Plunge Track Saw 1400W

$405 at amazon Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2-Inch Plunge Circular Saw with Guide Rail Our Build - Tool Review - Makita SP6000J 165mm Plunge Cut Circular Saw

$640 at amazon Festool TS 55 REQ Track Saw


lumberjocks Review DeWalt DW 734 $399.00 on amazon

DeWalt DW 734 Heavy-Duty 12-1/2” Thickness Planer with Three Knife Cutter-Head

$399 at Amazon DEWALT DW734 15 Amp 12-1/2-Inch Benchtop Planer $447.00 Byrd Shelix head

Brad Nailer

Ryobi P320


Clean and lube.

  • mineral spirits?
  • alcohol?
  • silicone lubricant?
  • teflon lubricant?
  • grease lubricant?
  • 3M 08897 Silicone Lubricant (Dry Type) - 8.5 oz.?
    • Kellogg's 57500 Pure Silicon - 10 oz.
      WD-40 300052 Specialist Dirt and Dust Resistant Dry Lube PTFE Spray
      CRC 03044 Dry PTFE Lubricating Spray, (Net Weight: 10 oz.) 16oz Aerosol
      CRC Power Lube Industrial High Performance Lubricant with PTFE, 16 oz. (Net weight: 11 oz) Aerosol Can
      CRC Dry Graphite Lube, 10 oz Aerosol Can
      B'laster - 8-GS - Graphite Spray - 5.5-Ounces

Video reviews

8digitPDX - Ryobi P320 Cordless 18v, 18g Airstrike Brad Nailer youtube

Every Other Day Wood Working - Ryobi P320 Cordless Brad Nailer Review youtube

randzakk1 - Ryobi 18 gauge Brad Nailer Review youtube

Meno Meraklis - Ryobi 18v Cordless Airstrike One + 18 Gauge Brad Nailer youtube

TylerTalksTools - Ryobi 18ga Cordless Brad Nailer (#P320) youtube

Ryobi ZRP320 or ZRP854 Need Help? Experts Available 1-866-577-8885

Ryobi ZRP325 ONE+ 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion 16-Gauge Finish Nailer (Bare Tool) (Certified Refurbished) $142

Factory-Reconditioned Ryobi ZRP320 ONE Plus 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion 2 in. Brad Nailer Battery and Charger Sold Separately

Need Help? Experts Available 1-866-577-8885 1 of 40+ CPO OUTLETS

amazon $123 Ryobi ZRP854 18v cordless Brad Nailer

Jay Bates 2 My Ryobi 18v cordless tools youtube

Factory-Reconditioned Ryobi ZRP125 One Plus 18V 6-Port Lithium-Ion/Ni-Cd SuperCharger $85 - amazon

Random Orbital Sander

amazon $36 Ridgid ZRR2601 5-in Random Orbit Sander

Electric motors Motor choice for home-made bandsaw…

$280.00 Marathon Electric® Farm Duty/Shop Motor, 1-1/2 HP 1800 rpm

This 1hp farm duty looks good for a diy band saw. $150.00 1 Horsepower Farm Duty Agricultural Motor 1800 rpm

Harbor Freight 2 Horsepower Compressor Duty Motor $160.00

amazon $274.00 Leeson Agricultural Duty 1.5hp 1800rpm, 110089, M6K17FB3

$233.00 on amazon - Baldor L1309A General Purpose AC Motor, Single Phase, 56 Frame, OPEN Enclosure, 1Hp Output, 3450rpm, 60Hz, 115/230V Voltage

$260.00 at Northern Tool - Leeson Woodworking Electric Motor — 1 HP, Model# 110142

$350.00 at Northern Tool - Leeson Woodworking Electric Motor — 1.5 HP, 3450 RPM, Model# 110109

Leeson 3/4hp 3600rpm, 110108 M6C34FB7

Leeson 1hp, 3600rpm, 110142 M6C34FB2 amazon $257.00

Leeson 1.5hp, 3600rpm, 110109, M6C34FB8 $330.00

$165.00 1.5 HP 3460 RPM 115/208-230 VAC MOTOR item number: 10-2943

DIY knobs

youtube routermillwoodworks diy knobs

youtube Scroungineer DIY home made wooden clamp and jig knobs

Jack Houweling - Making easy grip wooden knobs

youtube easy grip wooden knobs

Jim Steinbrecher - Making Knobs for a comming project

Ronald Walters - Star Knobs - Homemade

Ronald Walters - Star Knobs

Feather Board

Jack Houweling Table saw clamp

youtube Jack Houweling

thesegmenter making a universal featherboard pt1

youtube thesegmenter

Deluxe feather board - True Wood Design

youtube True Wood Design - hand tools for traditional woodworking

Olson Saw

Olson with Zona Tools home page

Olson manufactures a wide range of band and scroll saw blades, band saw and power scroll saw accessories, handheld saw frames and blades – such as coping and mini hack saws. Band Saw Blades include: All-Pro PGT, MVP, Flex Back, Bi-Metal, Hard Edge, Hard Back, Thin Kerf, and Wood Band. Olson’s Scroll Saw Blades for power and hand held scroll saws include: plain end, pin end, 5-inch, 3-inch hobby blades, NEW 4-inch blades (to fit Dremel®’s new Moto Saw™), Skip, Reverse, Double, Spiral, Crown Tooth, Thick Wood, Mach Speed, PGT (Precision Ground Tooth), Scroll Saw Files and ScrollSanders

Zona, known for High Quality Razor Saws for woodworkers, model builders, craftspeople, and do-it-yourselfers, also includes: metal and plastic miter boxes, sanding tools, pin vises, tweezers, pliers and other hand tools; saw frames and blades; clamps and more.

Olson Saw - spokeshave product page

Portable drill guide

$33 at amazon prime Wolfcraft 4525404 Drill Guide Attachment for 1/4-Inch or 3/8-Inch Drills

great for what it is By Lungchin on Apr 17, 2015

look - this is not a drill press - and its 30+ bucks -

and yes - tolerances of the slides are not exactly super tight - and the bushing of the chuck probably will wear out if used a lot - and handle of mine broke off when i tried to shift it a bit while i had it positioned with a middli torqued clamp

BUT - i had to drill 5/8 holes for bolting 4x4s together in place for a play structure - there is NO way this would have worked out freehand - this things was great - clamp it in place - drill … and holes aligned great, were level - and bolt fit through perfectly

make sure you add a few drops of lubricant on bushing - teflon bike chain lube or similar works perfectly thread Port-Align brand drill guide for over 40 years - Port-Align drill guide

youtube Highland Woodworking - Portable Drill Guide Product Tour drill guide

$35 at amazon prime General Tools 36/37 Accu Precision Drill Guide

Craftsman equivalent, #967173, is built better.

$31 at Craftsman Drill Guide - Description Item # 00967173000P Model # 67173

$149 at amazon prime Makita 5377MG Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Hypoid Saw

Skil 100 power plane


SKIL Model 96 Power Plane

Its similar the the legendary skil 100 surfboard planer same wide blades.. But this its 3.5 amp Super ligh its rare hard to find its made in japan!!!

ebay skil 96 Sat Jun 11 14:38:50 MDT 2016

Plastic Tarp Clip

Homax CinchTite Tarp Clip, 4 Pack

Homax Tarp Clips are the ultimate locking tarp clip. The extremely powerful locking jaws grip materials up to ¼” thick without damage or leaving holes. Tie down tarps, plastic sheeting, tents, awnings and more. The slide-lock enables the clip to be repositioned and reused. To release the material, you simply press a button. Durable nylon construction. Weather-proof and crack-resistant.

CinchTite Tarp Zipper Door

Create an instant door with Homax CinchTite 7-Ft. Peel ‘N Stick Tarp Zipper Door. It’s a self-adhesive zipper that attaches to tarps and plastic sheeting. In only minutes, you can quickly create an enclosed and accessible work area. The reinforced zipper is strong, durable and provides a barrier to dust. Eliminates uncovering and provides outside storage. This is a must-have item for construction, remodeling, boats, RVs, camping, firewood, work areas, green houses and much more. Opens from either side for easy access. 7-feet long.


The world’s strongest tarp clip. Anyplace you need a grommet-free fastener, whether for a car cover, fabric canopy or plastic banner, here’s no clip stronger or more versatile than the indispensible EasyKlip. All around the home, on your boat or RV, and anytime you head outdoors – EasyKlip® makes hundreds of jobs easier.

EasyKlip® BannaBungee

EasyKlip Mini

TEKTON 6268 Tarp Clips

4 for $7.70 at amazon add on

C. Nelson review

INSTALLATION TIP: This is the fourth type of these clips I have used and these are BY FAR the best I have used. However, the only way they finally worked was when I installed them I folded the tarp and put small piece of wooden dowel inside the fold and put the clip over the fold and then tightened.

I used to have to re-secure my tarp every few weeks but since I got these and installed them with the wooden dowels I have not had to touch them and it’s been a couple of months.

Kotap Ball Bungee

$8 for 25 at amazon Kotap BB-6B Ball Bungee, 6-Inch, Black, 25-Piece

youtube CanopiesAnd Tarps - How To Install Ball Bungee Ties On A Tarp Or Canopy

youtube Vagabond Vivant - Gear : Ball Bungees

Get long one and cut if needed shorter.


Dry Top Tarps at Amazon 10’ x 20’ Dry Top Heavy Duty White Full Size 10-mil Poly Tarp item #310207

Socket Sets

Mini Socket Sets Gearwrench MicroDriver Set Crams a Lot of Usefulness in a Compact Package Wera Bit Ratchet Size Comparison

$12 at Amazon Powerbuilt 940478 1/4-Inch Drive Socket and Bit Driver Mini Ratchet

$12 at amazon AMPRO T19086 1/4-Inch Drive Finger Ratchet and Bit Driver Aluminum