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$6.00 - Deft 037125017132 Interior Clear Wood Finish Satin Lacquer with 12.25-Ounce Aerosol Spray amazon

Time saving finish for jewelry boxes lumberjocks forum


I use a LOT of rattle can lacquer, especially on many of the items I sell in my gallery. I have been using and favoring Deft for a long time, and also keep it in bulk for use in my spray gun equipment.

Recently, I tried a fairly new Rustoleum lacquer in a green and white rattle can, which retails for less than half of the Deft. So far, I like it. It dries a bit shiner, but after rubbing it out and putting on the paste wax, I did two golf club hat racks in less than three hours, start to finished. They looked very good. The temps were in the mid 60’s, and I sprayed it outdoors.

If you want to finish in one day, rattle can lacquer and paste wax.

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  • $47 at Amazon. PORTER-CABLE 382 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander
  • Bosch ROS20VSC
  • Ridgid R26011
  • $83 at Amazon. Makita BO5031K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Ki
  • $52 at Amazon. Factory-Reconditioned RIDGID ZRR2611 Professional 6-inch Random Orbit Variable Speed Sander
  • $30 at Amazon. Black & Decker RO100 5-Inch Palm Grip Random Orbit Sander
  • $61-$82 at Amazon. Factory-Reconditioned DEWALT D26453KR 3 Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander

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1/2 sheet sander

Makita BO3710 Finishing Sander (1/3 sheet?)

1/4 sheet sander

PORTER-CABLE 330 Speed-Bloc 1.2 Amp 1/4 Sheet Sander


        General Finishes QTHM High Performance Water Based Topcoat, 1 quart, Flat 
        General Finishes QTHS High Performance Water Based Topcoat, 1 quart, Satin 
        General Finishes Water Based High Performance Polyurethane Top Coat Semi-Gloss Quart
        General Finishes Water Based High Performance Polyurethane Top Coat Gloss Quart 


        Minwax 154000000 Lacquer Sanding Sealer, Quart
        Minwax 657000000 Water-Based Sanding Sealer, Quart 
        clear, satin, gloss
        Rust-Oleum 63041 Watco Lacquer Finish, Quart, Clear Gloss 
        Minwax 155000000 Clear Brushing Lacque, Quart, Gloss 

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        60ml acetone
        40ml watco lacquer
        20ml lacquer thinner
        1.5mm nozzle

Hey guys! I’m Brad, and I make how-to videos. I do custom painting projects, guitar painting, airbrushing, spray can painting, wood working, and a variety of other finishing work and tutorials. Please subscribe and check out my channel for more!

This video shows a method for thinning and spraying watch brushing lacquer. In many cases, nitrocellulose lacquer and other solvent based spray finishes are becoming difficult to find. This is a functional substitute, which will help those who do not like to work with water-based lacquers.

Top Coats

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