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Jim Hensel - DIY CNC Router

Dave Gatton

playlist DIY CNC Router

DIY CNC Router by Dave Gatton 26 videos

BlueChick CNC 16”x36” BlueChick v4.2 Order Page

$1785.50 12”x 36” blueChick v4.2 CNC Machine Kit (USB Interface) - Requires Planet-CNC Software

$183.00 PORTER-CABLE 892 2-1/4-Horsepower Router


GryphonCNC Order Page Gryphon V-2 18x18 inch

GryphonCNC Order Page Craftsman/Porter Cable 890 series 2HP router bracket/Z-rail

Darkly Labs LazerBlade

Darkly Labs LazerBlade LazerBlade

Spindle / Router Spindle and Inverter

$568.00 2.2 kW Water Cooled Spindle with Inverter (VFD)

$100.00 Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm Grip 5.6 Amp 1-Horsepower Fixed-Base Variable-Speed Router with Edge Guide

$149.00 Bosch 1617EVS 2-1/4 HP Variable-Speed Router Bosch 1617 Router Mount

$99 Bosch 1617 Router Mount Quality Router Collets

  • $50.95 Bosch (1617/1618/1619) with Collet Nut


The machines were all designed to use NEMA 23 stepper and drive components such as those from Geckodrive, Xylotex and HobbyCNC.

Mach3 and TurboCNC are popular controller software options. Other software and motor suppliers can be used.

The above vendors work with the Do It Yourself market and have help forums and documentation.

Solsylva 25x25

$25.00 for plans

The machine has a cutting area of 25 x 25 x 6 inches, with a footprint of 33 x 38 inches. It was designed to be as inexpensive and simple as possible while using standard 36 inch leadscrews. 8 x 24 x 5

$30.00 for plans. 8 x 24 x 5 V Bearing Machine

Solsylva 25x25 builds

Mike DeBlasio

Solsylva 18x24 builds

Solsylva 24x48 builds

Rich Friedeman on youtube

  • Mach 3 software

Xylotex Parts Store

Xylotex Forum

Xylotex Store

Geckodrive Store Product page.

HobbyCNC Store Home page

$130 cnc mill John Western post to ChiliPeppr

product at aliiexpress