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forum.hauptwerk Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ Build Your Own Organ Classic AGO MIDI Pedalboard

youtube bushmogulmaster - Hauptwerk on a budget

youtube DIY organ pedalboard

youtube Vidar Fagerjord - Homemade hauptwerk organ Vidar Fagerjord - Building a pedal board

Hauptwerk Organs

pipeloops Oberlinger organ Bonn-Beuel

  • video Oliver Latry - Oberlinger organ Bonn-Beuel

Oberlinger organ Bonn-Beuel Michael Bottenhorn

Orgelmarathon - Mendelssohn: Ouvertüre aus dem Oratorium „Paulus” - Michael Bottenhorn 1877 Salisbury Cathedral Willis

Daniel Cook - Salisbury Cathedral

Louis Vierne 1st Symphony (Final mvt.) played by Daniel Cook, on the Salisbury Cathedral Father Willis Organ.

Michael Murray - Salisbury Cathedral

Michael Murray - Complete Recordings (Salisbury Cathedral) Baselland, Switzerland - Silbermann/Metzler Organ

1761-2005 Johann-Andreas Silbermann/Metzler Organ Arlesheim Cathedral /Baselland, Switzerland Palace of Arts Budapest Rieger 1999 - Scots’ Church Melbourne, Australia

Scots II Pipe Organ Samples is a symphonic virtual pipe organ chromatically sampled stop-by-stop from The Scots’ Church Melbourne, Australia. The organ was built by Rieger in 1999 and is one of the finest instruments of the continent. Due to its wooden structures the church has relatively dry acoustics providing a crisp and articulate high-definition pipe sound. The instrument has 64 stops on 4 manuals with two consoles and organ cases. Tomaš Močnik Builder

Velesovo, a 2007 baroque-inspired organ with a great, clear sound

1738 Haarlem St. Bavokerk

Olivier Latry Litaize, Franck, Duruflé

Olivier Latry, Orgel / Organ - Litaize, Franck, Duruflé - Live Concert HD matyas 1909/1984 Rieger-Kloss


Matyas Pipe Organ Samples (MO) is a 85-stop symphonic virtual pipe organ chromatically sampled stop-by-stop. Besides its fully remodeled and full-featured console, the Matyas Pipe Organ Professional Edition supports the unique realtime spatial adjustability and Dynamic KeyboardMass™ control to provide a realistic playing experience. The Hauptwerk 3 compatible sample set ships with multiple loops, multilple releases, stereo (wet and console), quad surround and adjustable surround - 4 independent versions in 1 package.

The 1909/1984 Rieger-Kloss organ is located in the UNESCO World Heritage cathedral of Notre Dame of Buda, popularly named as the Matthias Church, the number one touristic attraction in the capital of Hungary.

Bovenkerk Hinsz Organ

Milan Digital Audio

1741 Bovenkerk Hinsz

Wim Magré

Wim Magré plays Alle roem is uitgesloten by Jan Zwart (1877-1937) on the Hinsz Organ of the Bovenkerk in Kampen, Netherlands.

Hereford Cathedral Father Willis Hereford Cathedral Father Willis Rotterdam - Laurenskerk - Transept Organ Brasov - Black Church Organ, Buchholz, 1836-1839 Encore Organ Hauptwerks based

Eivind Fivelsdal - Norway Eivind Fivelsdal DIY Console

Pedalboard Research Pedalboard Raphi Giangiulio Homemade Pipe Organ Colin Pykett - A MIDI Pedalboard Encoder

Martin Cliffe - youtube Martin Cliffe - Building a Basic MIDI Pedalboard A New Pedalboard renatus Pedalboards

Hall Effect Sensor with Arduino Melexis US1881 is a Hall-effect latch $0.95 Hall Effect Sensor - US1881 use the hall effect sensor with Arduino Centipede Shield provides 64 general purpose I/O

The Centipede Shield is an add-on PCB for standard layout (Uno, Duemilanove, Diecimila) Arduino microcontroller boards. It uses the Wire I2C interface on analog pins 4 and 5 to provide 64 general purpose I/O pins. Any pin can be configured for input or output. The shield uses four Microchip MCP23017 16-pin digital I/O expander chips. $1.95 Photo Interrupter - GP1A57HRJ00F

Sharp GP1A57HRJ00F Data sheet $1.50 GP1A57HRJ00F Photo Interrupter Breakout Board -

SparkFun Photo Interrupter Breakout Board - GP1A57HRJ00F

Pipe Organ Research Short bio of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll By Jonathan Gradin

LDS Organist

LDS Organist Stops, Couplers, Pistons, and Combination Action AGO Console Specification

local copy AGO Console Specification ORGAN TYPES AND COMPONENTS

Univ. Florida In-Depth Look at the Console

Univ. Florida Organ Glossary

hauptwerk forum timhowarduk - Teensy 2.0++ Pedalboard, Pistons and Expression Pedals Stuart C. Blanchard vpo build

Allen Organ French Terrace Paramount Organ Works

Allen Organ Spånga Church

  • Spånga Church, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 109 Stop Three-Manual
  • Pipe and Digital Combination Organ Spånga Church - Organ of the week

hauptwerk profile NickNelson on Hauptwerk Forum

Pierre Facalanza Pierre Facalanza

video TheatrePierre - Buddy Cole’s “Sassy Brass”

parts research

61 key MIDI

Behringer UMX610 $150 Behringer UMX610 page MIDI VPO cards

MOTU Microlite

The MIDI interface that we ’ve found to be most reliable (resilient against lost MIDI messages and resulting ‘stuck notes’ in times of extreme CPU load ) is the MOTU Microlite, which we recommend for best performance and reliability, especially if you plan to use large/complex sample sets or if you plan to perform in public.


Lee Spring Extension Spring

$15 ebay seller - wnyhardware (567 ) Lee Spring Extension Spring LE 034C-6SS 1.75 free length stainless lot of 12

Lee Spring Compression Spring

Compression spring

ebay - sallysunshine02

NEW Stainless Steel 316 Compression Spring, 0.375” OD x 0.047” Wire Size x 1.5”

New, Unused Helical Compression Springs, Stainless Steel 316 (ASTM A313), 5 springs per package

0.3750-inch Outside diameter 0.2810-inch Inside diameter 0.0470-inch Wire diameter (round wire)

0.7050-inch Compressed length 1.5000-inch Overall length

Number of coils: 14 Number of active coils: 12

Spring rate: 14.4045 lbs/inch Natural Frequency: 470 Hz with clamped ends

Ends closed and squared only.

Springs are sold in multiples of 5.

Yamaha FC7 Volume Control Pedal

Tektro 319AC RH BMX Short Pull Brake Lvr Blk

Deco Slick-ISH Cable

Roman Sowa MIDI Hardware C200 Top resistance keyboard

Rohrflote8 on flickr DIY tracker touch MIDI keyboard

ilyasivkov DIY MIDI Pedalboard

Pushbutton switch with LED

e-switch D16 Series Illuminated Pushbutton Switches

CNCnutz Izzy Toggle Clamps

Izzy Toggle Clamps built by CNCnutz (Peter Passuello)

thang010146 thang010146 - Toggle clamp 2b

Midi CPU Highly Liquid Instant DIY MIDI Controller



NickNelson - DIY Pedal/manual encoder

Postby GrahamH » Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:40 am

Re: need advice on MIDI ENCODER for pedalboard
        Postby GrahamH » Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:40 am
        Hi Fernando
        I didn't realise that Midiboutique still make the mkc64x
        encoder. Actually, it was an earlier model of this encoder that I used
        for the pedalboard of my Mark 2 console. It works very well, but you
        need to arrange the reed switches in a 4 x 8 matrix and add diodes. This
        may seem a bit complicated at first, but once you have done it, you will
        always choose to do it that way.
        The point made by Nick is a good one. If you have made other arrangements
        for MIDI-fying your expression pedals, then an encoder like the mkc64x
        works very well. But if you need an encoder that will also handle your
        expression pedals you might consider the products from Roman Sowa
        In my most recent 3-manual console, I use the Midiboutique hwce-2x encoder
        and it has my highest recommendation for convenience and compactness.
        Of course, the most economical way is to make your own encoder circuits
        - if you have the know-how - but I don't think that solution offers the
        neatness of the hwce-2x.
        Best wishes

Organ at St. Josef, Bonn-Beuel Oberlinger, St. Josef, Bonn-Beuel

St. Josef Kirche - Bonn-Beuel - Ernst Oberlinger, 1981

The total number of stops is 61.

Builder Logs

Flickr - FriedemannW

Flickr - FriedemannW


Hauptwerk AGO Pipe Organ Project ~ A blog following my process & experience in building my own Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ. :) Organ build


My Sow’s Ear


Hauptwerk. Midi Pedalboard. Bach Fugue in A Minor BWV 543

Orgelbau Meister

Midi Organ Pedalboard 32 keys BDO in DIY Christoph Keller - Hauptwerk Console

John Belinquier

DIY Pedalboard

stuartshauptwerkproject Hauptwerk Organ

Rohrflote8 - Completely DIY organ pedalboard



To Pipeloops
        I am working on a plan to build a console installation for the Pipeloops
        Oberlinger Bonn-Beuel organ on the Hauptwerk virtial pipe organ software.
        The console will hold:
        * windows computer running Hauptwerk VPO
        * 3 midi keyboards for the 3 manuals.
        * touchscreens for the draw knobs.
        * Custom built MIDI pedalboard and foot controls.
        Are 3 touchscreens (left, center, right) supported for draw knobs?
        What foot controls are supported (toe studs, shoes) in addition to the
        What resources can you recommend for information on the St. Joseph organ
        Can you refer me to other customers that have done a similar
        Craig Anderson
To ReinerS of Pipeloops
        > Regarding foot controls:
        > These are not specifically included in the GUI. The real organ duplicates
        > all toe studs with drawknobs as well, e.g. couplers, appel anches,
        > etc. So you would just link the toe-studs you are planning to use to
        > the corresponding draw-knobs on the virtual console. In addition there
        > is a crescendo roller and one swell-shoe on the console. I can send
        > you photographs of the original toe stud arrangements to your e-mail
        > address. (Since I did not take those photographs myself, I do not have
        > the copyright and hence would have to ask before posting them here).
        I would appreciate getting your pictures of the foot controls.
        I will continue to study Hauptwerk consoles and general organ controls
        leading up to designing a pedalboard and foot control assembly. My
        wife is the organist and I plan to run a trial software install for
        her to try and then plan out a full 3 manual installation with licensed
        Craig H. Anderson
Thoughts on foot controls for Pipeloops Oberlinger Bonn-Beuel organ
        My wife is an organist and for at least 20 years I have wanted to
        acquire a home practice organ for her.  After learning of the Hauptwerks
        VPO system, I have decided that I will piece together a Hauptwerks
        console/system for her.  The organ that interests me is the Pipeloops
        Oberlinger Bonn-Beuel organ.  My plan for the upper console is 2 touch
        screens and 3 MIDI keyboards.  I would like to build the lower console
        * 32 key pedalboard (Shop built AGO style)
        * swell shoe (Yamaha FC7 or shop built)
        * crescendo shoe (Yamaha FC7 or shop built)
        * 23 toe levers (shop built)
        * lights for 3 of the toe levers (shop built?)
        What MIDI controller(s) should I look at for all the foot controls?
        I would like some guidance on options for the 23 toe levers.  Currently I
        would like to mimic the toe levers and their placement in the Bonn-Beuel

Organ in Fargo, ND

Sts. Anne and Joachim Catholic Church in Fargo, North Dakota.

I Saw Three Ships - Pipe Organ Christmas Music