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My Thien Top Hat Separator Vacuum use and fittings

  • Hose for shop vacuum system. Can be cut to length
  • 1.25"x 66 ft Crushproof Shop Hose, Silver
  • Male cuff for shop hose ends
  • Inserts into the end of any 1.25 inch hose. It is an easy press in fit.
  • We also prefer this cuff on other tools that are hand held such as routers, and circular saws.
  • Inlet on Ridgid wd1450 vacuum
  • Combination Union Adapter / Tapered Female Cuff
  • A 1.25" Combination Adapter from the Vac Tank That threads onto Crushproof Vacuum Hose.
  • Provides a female cuff for shop hose
  • Top of top hat, connect hose to vacuum
  • 1.25 inch Black Tapered Female Cuff
  • Side of top hat, connect host to tool
  • 1.25" Black Tapered Female Cuff

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