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Sail Makers Whipping

youtube cicdl - Sail Makers Whipping

Surgeon’s Loop and Angler’s Loop Knots

youtube Surgeon’s Loop

Coiling Rope Gasket Coil

Trucker’s Hitch

youtube Paul Mason - How to secure a canoe

At 4:00 min.


youtube Larry Green - How to Tie a Sailmaker’s Whipping Mike’s Quick Rope Whipping Double Constrictor Knot Anchor Hitch Buntline Hitch Double Overhand Stopper Knot Index

  • Tucked Double Overhand Double Overhand Loop (or Surgeon’s Loop) Perfection Loop


Alpine Butterfly Loop (Lineman’s Loop)


Trucker’s Hitch (Power Cinch Knot)


Figure 9 Loop Knot

figure nine loop knot


While it uses more rope and is bulkier than the figure-of-eight loop, the figure-nine loop is somewhat stronger and less likely to jam.[1] It is sometimes used instead of a figure-of-eight loop to attach a rope to an anchor point or belay.[2]


xxxxxxx #### eight essential knots that climbers use Knots for canyonerring T.W . Evans Cordage 11417 2-Ounce Wax Sail Kit with Needle, White The Splicing Handbook, by Barbara Merry (Author) How to Whip a Rope

eye splice

youtube Premiumropes - Eye splice three strand rope

youtube Jim Howard - Splice a Loop

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