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Contour Innovations

Contour Innovations LakeTrax and BioBase

LakeTrax is currently powering Insight Genesis™ launched with Lowrance

Lake Mapping Software for Anglers

LakeTrax is currently powering Insight Genesis™ launched with Lowrance. This new service gives fishing and boating enthusiasts access to powerful web-based lake mapping software. Passionate anglers can now understand a lake by developing a detailed trip log.

Bottom Hardness & Vegetation Maps

Identify key, fish-holding areas using bottom composition and vegetation mapping, which is NOT available anywhere else. No additonal equipment required as content is created with sonar signals from your existing Lowrance, Simrad or B&G transducer.


Simrad NSS8 - $1300


What depth finders are used with the ciBioBase System?

CI BioBase is compatible with Lowrance™ brand depth finder that have .SLG and .SL2 (Structure Scan) log file recording capability. We currently recommend the HDS line. Navico, Inc. can provide the HDS models at a discounted price or as part of your subscription package. Please contact us for more information.


OpenDroneMap is a tool to postprocess small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (sUAS), balloon, kite, and street view data to geographic data. With the current update, we are adding the ability to create orthophotos from drone, balloon, and kite imagery which has GPS ephemeris.


Crowd-Sourced Bathymetry

The financial support from 2 major partners (who prefer not to be in the spotlights but who’s help and advice is invaluable) and the guidance by IHO’s management team (Robert Ward and David Wyatt in Monaco), Jenifer Austin at Google in Mountain View and Lisa Taylor’s team at NOAA in Colorado - thank you very much to all.

Undersea Terrain Elevation (Bathymetry)

in general, unlike terrestrial elevation data, undersea data points tend to not lie on regular grids, and tend to be much denser near landmasses

Garmin echoMAP™ 43dv $300.00 Lisa Taylor, NOAA NGDC project manager. marine geophysicist Lisa Taylor marine geophysicist

Project contact: phone: 303-497-6767

Technical contact: phone: 303-497-6505.


Subject: OpenStreetMap freshwater crowd source bathymetry?

I just started fishing, my home water is Pueblo Reservoir in Pueblo, Colorado. I would love to make depth and shoreline measurements and get them into an OpenStreetMap based database ala Do you know of any existing project or resources for me to look at.

Thanks, Craig Anderson

John Easton

C-Map Max-N

Extensive Mapping Options, the Lowrance Elite Series are now C-Map Max-N

Jeppesen C-MAP format

Third Party Compatiblity Chart Cards

C-MAP MAX-N Local Trusted Worldwide Charts, The “Right Fit” for Local Boating & Fishing. MAX-N Local cartography gives boaters the rich, accurate C-MAP chart detail trusted worldwide in a coverage area and price that are just the “right fit” for many boaters. Developed by Jeppesen using official and up-to-date global sources, MAX-N Local cartography provides detailed Depth Areas and Contours, Spot Soundings, NavAids, Light Sectors, Wrecks/Obstructions, Anchorage Areas, Small Craft Facilities and more. MAX-N Local cartography gives boaters the confidence to explore all their favorite local fishing, diving and cruising spots.

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Lowrance vs. Navionics - Freshest Data and Uploading of SonarCharts(logs)

Lowrance FAQ on Insight Genesis

Sonar log recording tutorials - Lowrance

Lowrance has changed their software which now excludes depth data when exporting sonar logs in the GPX format. If you purchase a new Lowrance plotter, you can no longer use GPX to upload sonar logs. If you update the software of an older plotter, the same result can happen. Check this page, which is continuously updated. Please contact Lowrance customer service for any questions. Now there is a new fun and effortless way to upload sonar logs! All you need is the Navionics Boating app connected wirelessly to a sounder to enjoy SonarCharts™ Live and at the same time upload sonar logs.`

*Dan Johnson, Harris, Minnesota, is a frequent contributor to In-Fisherman publications and director of All Creation Outdoor Media.

Collecting Track Log Data on a Humminbird GPS Unit

Logging Sonar Data

The preferred source of Humminbird data for import into ReefMaster is logged sonar data. Sonar logs provide explicit time information for track-points which is important when tide adjusting track data.

·Ensure that you have a memory card with sufficient free space inserted into your Humminbird unit.

·On arrival at your area of interest, select the option start recording to start logging data.

·Record the data. This step might simply involve drifting and fishing for a few hours, or maybe a more systematic approach if you are mapping out a new area.

·Stop recording when you are done mapping an area.

Recorded sonar data is stored on the card in the RECORD directory. To import Humminbird a sonar log file into ReefMaster, select the RNNNNN.DAT file.