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Mike Iaconelli tells the difference between co-polymer and monofilament lines

How Long Should your Leader Line be When Using Braided Fishing Line

Copolymer Fishing Line Review

  • knots well as leader

backer line preference

Use a backer line weight/thickness recommended for the reel

Usually monofilament

For catfish, high visibility is good.

Zebco 404

  • 90 yd of 15 lb

Daiwa D Shock 2000-B

  • 6# 0.25mm 135 yd
  • 8# 0.28mm 110 yd

leader line preference

  • flourocarbon to reduce visibility
  • tough heavy line if needed

stopper knots

30# dacron fly line backing

amazon order $9.25 Scientific Anglers Dacron Fly Line Backing

30# 100 yd.

Yes this works well.

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline Braid article

  • Sufix 832 20 pound for finesse

$18 - lo-vis green - 150 yd. Amazon

CoPolymer Line

KastKing Copolymer at amazon

Budget price

McCoy Mean Grean CoPolymer at Amazon

Budget price

Hi-Seas Black Widow Co-Polymer Line at Amazon

Budget price

Nanofil line

yak angler forum line direction when spooling

Bullfrog, I agree 100%. That’s why, no matter the brand of line I spool onto my spinning reels, I always test the direction. I’ve found other brands other than Excel on the spool backwards. I realize that most of us probably know how to perform the test, but for those that don’t, here ya go.

I always start “label up”. After spooling on enough line to cover the base of the reel with one layer of line, simply drop your rod tip down to a few inches above the spool. If your line twists or wraps around your rod tip, turn the spool over and continue. The one layer of mis-spooled line won’t hurt anything.

If you don’t get any twists or kinks when dropping your rod tip, rock on!

The Next Bite youtube Berkley FireLine vs NanoFil Nanofil is a NoNofil for me

No more miracle products for me, it’s

  • trilene xl
  • magnathin,
  • power pro

all the way.

hawg 06-27-2011, 07:04 AM This is not going to be a popular post. I’ve made some negative comments about 832 and I get told -I put it on wrong-I need a swivel- too heavy a line- I’m stuck in my ways and won’t change and of coarse the people that reply with multiple page 2000 word instructions. Remember when NO MEMORY meant limp-supple-and no coiling? Remember when you were rigging and the line was straight and not kinked? What happened? Pulling a 3/8 oz lindy rig this line never uncoils fully. When you go slack the stuff looks like a slinky. If you kink it, it’s kinked forever. The god awful white color looks like 1/4 rope going down into the water also. On Mille Lacs this weekend I was in the middle seat of a friends boat fishing 25-30 feet of water and the guy in the front could see my line way way down in the water, now thats a confidence booster. I was concerned because in the video for this stuff the 8# line stood out of the package about 6-8inches, that looked stiff to me right away. It is every bit as stiff as it looks and more. As far as its slipperyness, that goes away as soon as you use it with all the kinks and twists. I use a stradic 1000FI reel on a loomis rod with ball bearing swivels and this line is exactly opposite what it advertizes. It has all the negative traits of mono and braids, not the good traits. I know this is only one opinion but I would tell you to save your $20. OK, now all you guys that get free line from Berkely come on and tell me how wrong I am. No more miracle products for me, it’s trilene xl, magnathin, and power pro all the way.

Johnnie Candle 06-29-2011, 09:13 PM

Before I start, I will let everyone know that I am “Paid” to use NanoFil. Actually, I was one of the first to use it and some of my feedback was used to make the product what it is today. There were several of us “Paid” pro-staff involved. Everyone had positive input as that is also part of our jobs as “Paid” professionals.

Here is my take on the line and only the line. I will comment nothing about the way companies go about developing new products or why. All I care about is if the line will help me catch fish and yes NanoFil will do that.

NanoFil is not a mono, nor a braid. It is a superline if the definition is no stretch and very high strength per small diameter.

Nano is many small filaments of Dyneema that are bonded together by a coating. That coating allows the line to be round and smooth. FireLine is more smooth than a traditional braid but not round. Braids are more round, but not smooth.

From my experience with Nano, it casts very well. You can toss an 1/8 oz jig forever on 6 lb Nano. Because you can cast farther with less effort, your casts may be much more acccurate.

Nano is 1/3 thinner than other comparable lines of the same pound test so it could be an incredible line for vertical jigging in a river or casting in the wind.

Nano is rated a bit differently for break strength. If the line is 10 pound, it will break at the knot at 10 pounds. It does not have the brute strength of FireLine or SpiderWire. That took a bit to get used to.

I have seen some twisting occur, but it has not affected the strength or the performance of the line. If I take my jig or lure off of the line and run my fingers down the l ine once or twice, most of the twist goes away very easily.

Here is where I found the line to work very well. Pitching light jigs. I can keep the boat further form the target and spook less fish. Casting cranks when I need extra depth. I actually used a generation one or two prototype at the MWC Championship to tickle the tops of the rocks we were fishing. Trolling when extra depth is needed. Vert jigging as the line tends to no drag behind the boat or get caught in the current so much.

The line is not for every fishing situation. Please give it a fair shake and see what you think. It is on two of my rods for now and I really do not see it going on many more. One rod with 6, one with 10, both spinning.

If anyone finds any other ways to use the line and catch more fish, please let me know. I am always learning as well.

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