Santee Cooper Rig

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How To Tie The Santee Cooper Rig

Weight: Slide your weight on the “main line” that runs to the fishing reel.

Bead or Bumper: If you’re concerned about your sinker weakening the knot you can add a bead or Team Catfish Sinker Bumper to protect the knot from the sinker. You’ll slide this on the main line after the sinker.

Swivel: Tie your preferred swivel onto the main line following the sinker and bead using a Palomar knot.

Leader: Cut a length of 40–50 pound monofilament leader line adjusting the length to where you want the baits to sit in the water column. If you’re not sure where to start try a leader length of 24 to 36 inches and experiment from there.

Hook: Tie your hook on the leader line using the easy snell knot.

Peg Float: Slide the peg float onto the leader line and insert the pegs. Place the peg float 2″ to 3” down the leader line from the hook.

Tie The Leader: Attach the leader to the barrel swivel using a Trilene knot.

Always make sure you’re using good strong fishing knots that will stand up to abuse like those covered in the simple fishing knots every catfish angler should know.