Slip Bobber Rig

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Rigging the Pool Noodle Slip Bobber Rig

There’s many options to rigging, it’s not an exact science and you can certainly deviate from rigging the way the illustration shows.

The process of adding the float is always the same but once the float is on the mainline you can experiment with different rigging below the float.

Steps For Rigging:

bobber stop The first step is to slide a bobber stop onto the fishing line and rig the bobber stop. Slide the main line through the plastic tube of the bobber stop. Slide the bobber stop off the plastic tube and pull the two ends of the bobber stop line tight.

bead Side the bobber stop bead onto the main line.

thread main line Slide the main line through the coffee stir stick in the middle of your pool noodle fishing float.

slide sinker Slide a small egg sinker onto the main line.

barrel swivel Attach a barrel swivel below the egg sinker using a Palomar knot.

leader line Attach a leader line of preferred length (8 to 10 inches is a good general length) and your preferred catfish hook. Adjust the depth that you’re fishing by sliding the bobber stop position on the line.

preferred hook

If you’ve got a need to float or suspend large pieces of cut bait, large live baits or to drift baits away from the shore or from a boat then this is an excellent option to consider.

The pool noodle bobber rig is certainly not a catfish rig that you’ll use for targeting smaller catfish or finesse fishing but if you’re after medium to large catfish it can be a very effective way of rigging.