Class B Van Campers

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My choice

Dodge Ram Van Class B - old school

Xplorer Steve

Tour of my Dodge Xplorer 230 XLWT Class B RV

<a href=”“ target=”_blank”>youtube</a> Stealth Van Cloaking Device

Van Dweller

Tour of the Van I live in


Tour of my Class B 1997 XPLORER 230

Nomadic Fanatic

youtube Tour Of My ‘88 Ford Campervan

Justin Credible

RV Life: This motorhome fits everywhere!

RV Life: Less tech, less problems!

What brand new Class B would I buy?

Why I believe older vehicles are the best

My current RV may not really be an “older vehicle” yet, but most of my RVs have been from the 70’s and 80’s. And they were fantastic.

  • Newer Dodge van has long lineage - old school
  • 2001 Dodge Ram Van same as 1971

Why I bought Dora

  • Park in a regular parking spot. A little too big
  • Dora explorer wide body
  • other choice 1995 - 2002 pleasureway wide body
  • islander wide body made in GC

two fans and their Roadtrek Class B

Ed’s Stealth Van

Urban camping means size matters!

  • marine stuff for RVs is just better

youtube RV Life: My RV history and why I chose a Class B over a Class A or C

youtube Van Life: Dodge Class B’s (response to Ramblin CamperVan)

  • Loves Dodge vans

youtube Class A, B, B+, C? RV classes explained

RV Life: More about my Class B choice - xplorer

  • xplorer
  • pleasure way
  • roadtrek
  • 21 feet long is absolute max
  • Dodge over chevy and ford (dodge same from 1971 to 2003)

Ed’s Stealth van

youtube - Ed’s Stealth van

A Guy. A Girl. And a Campervan

youtube Tour of the van we live in

The Ramblin CamperVan

youtube Tour of my Class B CamperVan RV

Campervan Kevin

youtube page Youtube Page

a simple kid

youtube Tour of the Van I Live In Full-Time - Class B 1999 Dodge Xplorer 230 XLW - RV


youtube Tour of The RV I Live in

Living in a Class B Van Motorhome. It’s a Dodge 350 Coach House, 19 Foot, Self Contained Mobile Home. In this video, I’ll take you on a detailed trek of the Van I Live in. -Dodge 360ci (5.9L) Engine -2800 Watt Generator -24 Gallon Fresh Water Tank -24 Gallon Grey Water Tank -15 Gallon Black Water Tank -30 Gallon Propane Tank -35 Gallon Gas Tank

Just in a Van

youtube Just in a Van


youtube Workamping in a Van

Noelle Marie

youtube Sprinter Van Living - “Finding Creative Places to Park the Van At Night”

Michael Tubbs

Dan Travels - Stealth Van Masterpiece youtube

Wanderlust estate youtube

Without Bound - Perspectives on Mobile Living (Documentary) youtube

Ed and The Aberts - Van Dwelling and Cargo Conversion youtube

youtube Without Bound: Bonus Footage (Bob Wells)

Dan Travels Stealth van

stealth van video list

slide show overview on youtube


youtube A slide show of the stealth van build process.

Backroads Vanner

youtube From Cargo Van to Camper Van

Bob Wells Cheap RV Living

Where To Stealth Park

Happily Houseless

youtube What’s my vandwelling budget? Why don’t I rent my house? and more answered from Mt. Bigelow

youtube Where did I go and am I quitting YouTube?

youtube 2004 Dodge Sprinter Van pre DIY Conversion

Bayward Boondocker youtube

Stealth Cargo Van BUILD Series

CheapRVliving youtube How to Shower and Stay CLEAN when living in a car, van or RV

Dr. Bonners soap t3 oil. Germ-x. anti-bacterial wipes (likes Wal-Mart)

ivation shower pump