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Jigger Poles

doodlesocking or jigger pole fishing

Shakespeare Five-Piece Wonderpole Rod (16-Feet) $15 at Amazon

bnmpoles site Ray Scott Jigger Pole

16 ft 5 section $36

Ray Scott Jigger Pole

Most folks know Ray Scott as the founder of B.A.S.S, but he is also a renowned historian on bass fishing. The Jiggerpole method for catching bass dates back to the 14th century, making it one of the oldest, and most productive, fishing techniques known.

A long pole, a short amount of line, and literally moving the lure around the lily pads in shallow water. Water splashing on your face. What could be better?

A solid, yet flexible backbone is required on a 14 or 16 ft pole. And, to better protect your tip eyelet for this technique, we offer a unique tie-down/fold down eyelet which allows more tip stability and life, yet still allows the telescopic pole to be broken down.

Get back to the basics of fishing with this great new pole!

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