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Tim Galati

Tie and Use a 3-Way Slip Sinker Rig

This is my favorite way to tie a 3-way slip sinker bait rig for bait fishing on the bottom with minnows, shiners, suckers, nightcrawlers, worms, hellgrammites, crayfish, cutbait, and other dead or live baits. These 3-way slip sinker bait rigs each have a fluorocarbon leader going to a hook and a breakaway mono leader (connected to another barrel swivel that slides along the main line) going to a weight, and I use them all the time to catch walleye, panfish, carp, suckers, catfish, bass, pike, and more. I tie hundreds of these bait rigs every year, tie all sorts of variants of them, and use them in most of my bait fishing videos, and I think they have some advantages over standard 3-way rigs and standard slip sinker rigs. I also tried to share (in this video) some of my best bait fishing tips and techniques relating to the bait rig that came to mind.

Jason Mitchell Outdoors

Deadly Half Crawler Rig for Walleye

<a href=”“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mmhAil20lw target=”_blank”>Walleyes Love Crankbaits</a>


Slip Weight Rigs


Crankbaits are Surprisingly Rare in Small Water By Ben Team

Next, you will need to select the right size, shape and the color for the lure. As always, you want to match your lure to the forage. Use crankbaits small, slim-bodied silver models for ponds that are full of minnows or shad, big, deep-bodied chartreuse models for ponds full of bluegill or medium-sized brown-and-red models in ponds with lots of crayfish.


  • small slim-bodied silver models for ponds that are full of minnows or shad
  • big, deep-bodied chartreuse models for ponds full of bluegill
  • medium-sized brown-and-red models in ponds with lots of crayfish.


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