Wet Fly Fishing

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Tenkara Rod Wet Fly Fishing

youtube Simple Wet Fly Fishing with Yvon Chouinard

Fishing with a tenkara rod is the ultimate in simplicity when it comes to fly fishing. In this video Yvon Chouinard gives his thoughts on fishing with tenkara and explains the basic techniques of fishing wet flies with a tenkara rod.

Spinning Rod Wet Fly Fishing

  • Rainbow Plastics Tough Bubbles
  • Plastilite Magic Bubble Spin Floats
  • Rainbow Plastics A-Just-A-Bubble Float
  • Crystal Cast


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youtube How to Fly fishing for trout with spinning gear

Best Fishing Secrets

Best Fishing Secrets site catch fish with a fly and bubble

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Spin and Fly dot com

Spin and Fly dot com Spin and Fly dot com

The Crystal CastTM lets the Spin Fisherman cast and retrieve flies, light weight lures and delicate baits when fishing surface or shallow water…

The Crystal CastTM is designed to allow casting and retrieving of flies and light-weight lures when fishing surface or shallow water, without needing to use Fly Casting Equipment.

Fishing with Rod

youtube Float Fishing with a Fly


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  • Orvis Sneaky Pete Popper
  • Betts Bass Popper Lure
  • South Bend Popper Lure

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