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Xylotex - BBB_DB25_26

Current Straw Man selection

130 + 46 + 96 + 130 + 180 = $582

TinyG Controller - $130

Meanwell Power Supply - $46 - 24V 14.6A

NEMA23 425oz/in 2.8A Stepper Motor - 3 x $32

Solsylva 31x13 - frame parts $130

Makita RF1101 2-1/4-Horsepower Router - $180

$400 - Xylotex 3AX_40V_600 - 3 Axis Drive Box complete with 600 Nema34 Motors and Cables

Solsylva steppers / drivers page

Online Forums

Solsylva Drives and Steppers Page

These CNC machines require:

  • Steppers
  • Drives
  • Power Supplies

NEMA 23 steppers - 269

The 269 steppers can push a trim router hard enough for the router to stall, though usually the steppers will stall first.

Xylotex Parts and info


This board is intended to run in a BeagleBone Black system as the top board. It has an identification eeprom, but is unprogrammed. The user can program the eeprom as required, while noting the BBB_DB25 P8 and P9 pin requirements. See the table at the bottom of this page.

A complete (minimum) LinuxCNC Control system would consist of:

  • 1 BBB board
  • 1 BBB_DB25 board (with optional Case)
  • 1 uSD Card with LinuxCNC set up for BBB_DB25.
  • 1 5V 1A+ Power source (not 5V from a PC USB port)
  • 1 USB self powered hub
  • 1 USB Keyboard
  • 1 USB Mouse
  • 1 HDMI compatible monitor with micro HDMI connector (possible micro HDMI to HDMI to DVI adapter required)
  • 1 DB25 Parallel port extension cable
  • 1 Motion System with DB25 connector such as Xylotex drives/drive boxes (tested) or Gecko G540 (not tested)
  • 1 Multi outlet AC source for all of the AC powered devices.
  • 1 User ability to modify the ini file for the particular application (steps/unit, accel, max travel, etc.) Use ‘nano’ in a Linux terminal to do this.

By ordering the BBB with uSD, BBB_DB25 and other components all at one time, you can save in shipping costs.


Beagle Bone Linux images

Machinekit Images

Beagle Bone Controller Capes

Machinekit Blog - BeagleBone Hardware Capes

4 Axis 40V 4.0A Drive Box

Most Dave Gatton SidewinderCNC users will be using Mach3 or Mach4. If you have software setup questions, please address them to the Xylotex Forum

4 Axis 40V 4.0A Drive Box with Four 4.0A 425 Stepper motors.

Four Motor cables (about 6 feet long) are pre-installed and come out the round hole in the back. The cables have Molex connectors which mate to the connectors supplied on the motors.

  • 1/16th step (microstep) for smooth, precise motion (1/8th available)
  • Two Built-in Cooling Fans
  • Easy connect for most popular Step/Direction control software such as Mach2/3/4, LinuxCNC or TurboCNC.
  • These 425 motors(.25 inch shafts, nema23 mounting holes) are better for 5 TPI screws and below, or Rack and Pinion or Direct Belt Drive systems. The available 269 motors are better for 10 TPI screwsand above.

The higher voltage drive (40V) and higher amperage motors (4.0A) means you can have a faster top end speed compared to lower voltage/amperage drive/motor combinations.

Also comes with a 3 foot parallel port extension cable and IEC 110VAC Power Cord.

After unpacking the drive box, motors and cables, you can be ready to spin motors in less than a minute*: Just plug-in the motors to the drive box cables, connect the parallel port cable to the box and to a suitable PC parallel port, and finally, plug in the AC power and turn on AC power switch on the box.

assumes your PC software is already setup properly.

Openbuilds C-Beam

$500 - C-Beam Machine Mechanical Bundle

C-Beam Machine Specs:

  • X Axis Travel 350mm - (13.5”)
  • Y Axis Travel 280mm - (11”)
  • Z Axis Travel 160mm - (6”) Actual working depth is 1.250”


Synthetos TinyG Controller



Thomas Shue - TinyG - OX

Covey Woodworks

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