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Silviu - My home made Tango Skiff

Tango Skiff Web Site

The Tango Skiffs were designed to be easy to build, lightweight, low-power planing skiff. These boats are built from marine plywood using the stitch and glue method. The unique transom design reduces the squatting common with small, outboard powered boats making it easier to get on plane.

ncboatbuilder - Tango Skill 14 on water

Bateau Indian River Skiff 15

Bateau Indian River Skiff 15 - gallery

Phantom 18 - Study Plans

The Phantom differs from conventional flats boats in many ways:

  • Lighter yet stronger thanks to the composite materials which translates in a faster boat with better fuel economy: a 90 HP pushes her at 50 mph. Most fiberglass boats require at least 125 HP for that level of performance
  • Lighter means easier to pole over the flats
  • No noisy strakes or chine step: a quieter boat for a silent approach. Simple and clean design, uncluttered deck yet highly customizable to fit the fisherman’s personal requirements.
  • Classy looks: she well never go out of fashion. A boat that you will be proud to own and show.

Bateau Panga 20 - study plans

Bateau Panga 25 - study plans

Devlin interview - Panga-Inspired Bass Boats

Kris Washington - devlin WagoOne 16’ boat

Kris Washington - WagoOne 16’ boat build: test run on the Concord River

Peter Poanessa devlin stitch and glue 26-ft Surf Scoter

When Peter Poanessa decided to build his dream boat, he found that Sam Devlins stitch-and-glue designs made the project accessible for a first-time do-it-yourselfer. Poanessa explains how he built his 26-foot Surf Scoter and shares photos of the project, from the first plywood panel to launch day.

Kevin Brown - Glen-L Console Skiff

Beaver Tail Ambush

Beaver Tail Ambush

BT Ambush is the latest model to join our fleet. This awesome set-up knows no limits, it can be propelled using a push pole, paddle, trolling motor, or small outboard which truly makes this the most versatile ‘one man’ fishing platform available period.

Featuring a self bailing cockpit, custom non skid through out, complete with a dry plentiful storage compartment as standard, it is not not hard to be impressed with a true draft of 2 3/4″ loaded. Imagine you can now ditch the waders and go venture in the shallowest waters you never dreamed possible!

Comfort remains a key buying factor for all our BT Skiff owners and with the BT Ambush it is no different, with the surprisingly stable and smooth ride whether standing up or sitting down even in a light chop. When at rest it remains easy to walk from the front to the aft section and getting on or off is effortless.

Have BT Ambush will travel! weighing in at a meager 125 lbs transporting could not be easier, either on the roof of your car, bed of your truck, or a small trailer is available if needed.

If you’re ready to get up and go start your BT Ambush adventure today, we have a dealer network in place. Contact us to find your nearest dealer ready to assist. Beavertail Skiffs where life is good!

Bateau - Swift Canoe 16

Bateau - Swift Canoe 16

The Swift Canoe 16

The fine hull will travel fast with little HP. In displacement mode, the Swift will go much faster than a wider boat. She moves with less fuss and creates only a small wake.

Price: $50.00

The Indian River Skiff is a planing hull with a flat bottom similar to our power dories but lighter, more economical and faster to build. Capacity is 3 to 5 persons depending on circumstances. She will plane with a 10 HP, max. power is 25 HP with remote steering. Some builders have installed a small center console. At 5’ wide, she can be rowed in case of emergency or for a silent approach to a fishing spot.

This boats transom is designed for a standard 15” shaft. The transom can easily be modified to accept other shaft lengths.

NEW (Jan.2001): We added a third layout plan to the package. We now show a fully decked layout ideal for fishing.

Bateau Power Boats

Phil Bolger car topper

Building Phil Bolger’s Cartopper

harold payson instant boatbuilding

$15 shipping included

Published by International Marine Publishing Co, United States (2007)

ISBN 10: 0071472649 ISBN 13: 9780071472647

Build the New Instant Boats Harold Payson

Published by International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press (1984-12-15)

ISBN 10: 0071559663 / ISBN 13: 9780071559669

Get to Know Our Company

Harold H. Payson, known to associates, friends, and his wife as Dynamite, thinks you can build a boat. Years ago, when Dynamite began supplementing his boatbuilding work by selling boat plans, he got feedback from a number of customers who found the boats too difficult to build.

Many of these would-be boat builders had never heard of lofting, and were intimidated and discouraged by the necessity of building a jig before building the boat itself. In addition, many of them could not find local suppliers of the lumber and other materials called for by the plans.

Selling plans for boats that never got built went against Dynamite’s down east grain, and it was also, he figured, “a straight road to bankruptcy in the long run.” He outlined the problem to Philip Bolger, of Gloucester, Massachusetts, arguably the most innovative small craft designer around.

Bolger agreed, on one condition, to design a series of boats that would require no lofting, no jig, and no lumber that could not be obtained at any local building supplies store. They would also design boats that would not require a great investment of time to cut out and button up.

In short, they would design boats for the inexperienced builder whose fundamental desire is to get out on the water. The one condition was that Dynamite would build and thoroughly test a prototype of each design to wring out every bug before offering the plans for sale.

Dynamite readily agreed, and a felicitous partnership was born. The eventual result was the original fleet of six boats described in his first book, Instant Boats.

Devlin’s Boatbuilding: How to Build Any Boat the Stitch-and-Glue Way Paperback – October 25, 1995 by Samual Devlin (Author)

Devlin’s Boatbuilding: How to Build Any Boat the Stitch-and-Glue Way

Devlin, Samual

Published by International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press

ISBN 10: 0071579907 ISBN 13: 9780071579902

Scarfing Basics is the latest ‘how-to’ book by Russell Brown, since publishing Epoxy Basics in 2013. These books do not come into being casually. Every photo requires a good subject and what presented itself in the shop this summer was scarfing. There are often ‘how to scarf’ questions online and a wide range of opinions shared that can sometimes cause more confusion than real help. The builder is still left to pick and choose how to proceed. For Russell, “strong, clean, and accurate” are the words of the day. This book describes the methods of the author in direct concise language and large color photographs. While there are multiple ways to scarf plywood and lumber, this book is a great place to start and/or perfect your scarfing skills. Amateur and professional woodworkers alike will find good information and tips in this book for Cutting and Gluing, Strong, Straight, and Clean Scarf Joints in Plywood and Lumber, including making your own jigs for table saw and router.

Epoxy Basics was originally the epoxy addendum to our construction manuals for small boat kits produced by Port Townsend Watercraft. By request, we have created both an e-book and a full color print book based on the ‘addendum’ but enhanced with additional information and pictures. This is not intended to be a complete “how-to,” but it does give a concise overview of working with epoxy, describing methods used by the author for, Gluing, Filleting, Glassing, and Coating. There are 46 pages of full color photos and detailed instruction.

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