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  • Pen plots of Reefmaster user maps
  • Processing data from Reefmaster


  • Numpy / SciPy batch processing
  • sidekiq
  • Ruby Celluloid gems
  • browser javascript ui

JavaScript Geo Libraries

50 JavaScript Libraries and Plugins for Maps


Shramov Leaflet Plugins

Leaflet page on OpenStreetMap



ST_MakeLine — Creates a Linestring from point or line geometries.

  • geometry ST_MakeLine(geometry set geoms);
  • geometry ST_MakeLine(geometry geom1, geometry geom2);
  • geometry ST_MakeLine(geometry[] geoms_array);

ST_MakeLine comes in 3 forms: a spatial aggregate that takes rows of point-or-line geometries and returns a line string, a function that takes an array of point-or-lines, and a regular function that takes two point-or-line geometries. You might want to use a subselect to order points before feeding them to the aggregate version of this function.

When adding line components a common node is removed from the output.


ST_MakePolygon — Creates a Polygon formed by the given shell. Input geometries must be closed LINESTRINGS. Synopsis

geometry ST_MakePolygon(geometry linestring);

geometry ST_MakePolygon(geometry outerlinestring, geometry[] interiorlinestrings);

Creates a Polygon formed by the given shell. Input geometries must be closed LINESTRINGS. Comes in 2 variants.

Variant 1: takes one closed linestring.

Variant 2: Creates a Polygon formed by the given shell and array of holes. You can construct a geometry array using ST_Accum or the PostgreSQL ARRAY[] and ARRAY() constructs. Input geometries must be closed LINESTRINGS.


ST_Contains — Returns true if and only if no points of B lie in the exterior of A, and at least one point of the interior of B lies in the interior of A.

boolean ST_Contains(geometry geomA, geometry geomB);

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