Stitch and Glue Boats

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JEM Watercraft

Modkoka square end 3hp canoe

Blue Fin 15-29

Sabolo SOT 12-30

Stalker 14-32 Square Stern Canoe

Wadefish SOT

Paddle Board 14-32

Merrimac canoe

Cape Fear Sit on Top

Touring Pirogue -TV 15-32

First build perhaps


Pirogue 14-29

Guillemot Kayaks

Nick Schade - Assembing a Stitch and Glue Night Heron Kayak

Chesapeake Light Craft

Kaholo Stand-Up Paddleboard

Gluing the GunWall to the Sides of Kaholo Stand Up Paddle Board

Kaholo- Strip Deck Construction Part 1; tutorial by: GrayWhalePaddle

Tango Skiff

Tango SUP

Fiberglass Supply

youtube Fiberglass Supply - 14’ Wooden Stand Up Paddleboard SUP