Spa Circulation Pump

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Replace Housing Gasket

How To Replace Pool Pump Gaskets

If you have a leak spraying out of the seal between the pool pump housing and the motor assembly, you probably need to replace the housing gasket between the two units. We recommend that when you pull the pool pump motor assembly to replace this gasket, you also replace the diffuser gasket within the motor assembly.

$31 - Equalseal EQ825 High Temperature Gasket Sheet - 1/16” Thick - 15” x 15” Sheet

Buna-N Sheet Gasket, Black

  • sm-909-NTW-18 3/4”
  • Laing LMB10150999 Rotor Repair Kit for 303 Series Circulators


$149 - LAING E10-NSHNDNN1W-01 (115V, 50/60Hz)

  • Sundance, La Spas - LAING E10-NSHNDNN1W-01 (115V, 50/60Hz) 3/4” BARBED CIRC PUMP - 6500-460

Laing Model SM-909-NTW-18 3\4” kit

Laing LMB05150993 Roto Repair Kit for 909 Series Circulator Pumps (Not to be used with Spa Pumps)

pump in spa with visible leak