Hand Saw

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Pony 66221 22-inch Hand Saw with 7 Teeth per Inch/8Ppi $24 - amazon

Sensei 265mm Japanese Crosscut Pull Saw $22 - Amazon

24” Hand Saw - 7 TPI Rip-Cut Teeth - Germany $50 - TraditionalWoodwoker

Plank cutting saw

Japanese Kataba saw

Z-Saw Kataba for Ripcut

Japanese GYOKUCHO Razorsaw Ryoba nokogiri carpenter saw 270mm Ripcut Crosscut

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Japanese-Z-saw-KATABA-HI-300mm-11-8-spare-blade-rip-cut-RIPCUT-Japan/141341256240 hirokojapan (6116 ) $33 Japanese Z-saw KATABA HI 300mm 11.8” spare blade rip cut RIPCUT Japan

Japanese Z-saw KATABA HI 300mm 11.8” spare blade rip cut RIPCUT Japan


King Handle: American sized contoured wood handle wrapped with rattan. Long handle for straight pulling, extra reach for overhead sawing, allows low angle and flush sawing. Fits all regular blades. Best balance for large and medium blades. 13 inch rattan grip. 15.5 inches long. $19.30



King Rip Blade: For sawing with the grain of the wood at 45 degree angle or less. Faster than crosscutting. Straight tracking graded teeth. Edge = 11”. Length* = 13.25”. $19.25

King Blade: The general purpose workhorse blade. Faster than the joint blade. Supplements the power saw. Teeth per inch = 12. Edge* = 12”. Length* = 13.25”. $17.75