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Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Truss

Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss

4/12 = 18.5 deg. 3/12 = 14 deg.

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pac-clad snap-on standing seam metal roof panels

standing seam metal roof panels

Snap-On Standing Seam metal roofing panels are designed for use in roofing, mansard and fascia applications. The panels are designed to be installed over a waterproofed solid substrate and a minimum 3:12 roof pitch. Snap-On Metal Panels are to be factory roll-formed in continuous lengths. Maximum panel length is 45 feet and minimum panel length is 4 feet.

These metal panels are ideal for specification on applications where roofing transitions are required. The simplicity of the pan design combined with corrective leveling provides superior flatness and allows for greater workability on site.

Woodaware Trusses

Woodaware Trusses


Metal-plate-connected wood trusses are the predominant type of truss used in residential construction. They are typically fabricated from 2x4 or 2x6 dimension lumber. Trusses are categorized as “parallel” chord for use in floor and flat roof applications or “pitch” chord for sloped roof applications.

In a roof truss, the three sides (or perimeter elements) of the triangle are called “chords.” The “webs” are wood pieces connecting the top and bottom chords. Chords and webs are the “members” or elements of the truss. The “connectors” joining chords and webs in modern trusses are usually metal-toothed plates.

Manufacture of Trusses

Trusses are designed using sophisticated software that accurately calculates the structural load conditions in accordance with building code requirements. During construction is the best time to see how a truss roof system is configured and distributes loads. Almost as soon as trusses are set in place, maybe even the same day, the roof sheathing is attached. This quick construction time prevents inspectors from having a good opportunity to see the framing from outside the building. Fortunately, everything the fire service and building inspector need to see is visible from inside the structure during the complete building framing inspection. The web and chord elements are fabricated to exact dimensions. The pieces are arranged in their final orientation and the metal plates are applied using equipment capable of exerting high pressure to embed the metal-plate teeth. Trusses are inspected for proper plate orientation and plate-teeth penetration depth prior to shipment to the job site.

Performance Requirements for Code Acceptance

Metal-plate-connected wood trusses are designed and manufactured in accordance with ANSI/TPI1 National Design Standard for Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Construction¹, as specified by the building code (International Residential Code 2003, Section R802.10.2, International Building Code 2003, Section 2303.4). More details regarding metal-plate-connected wood trusses can be found in the Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Handbook².

MiTek Truss

Roof and Floor Truss Manual

local copy of truss manual

Monopitch Roof

Wikipedia - mono pitched roof

  • Monopitch roof
  • pent roof
  • shed roof
  • lean-to roof
  • skillion roof (in Australia)
  • sloping flat truss

A mono-pitched roof is a single-sloping roof surface, often not attached to another roof surface. Mono-pitched roofs are sometimes called a pent roof, shed roof, lean-to roof,[1] or skillion roof (in Australia). This is in contrast to a dual-pitched roof, also known as a gabled roof, which is pitched in two different directions.

A mono-pitched roof can also be a smaller addition to an existing roof, where keeping to the same slope (roof pitch) puts the mono-pitched roof lower than the ceiling height of the main structure. In this case even though the main roof has a flat ceiling, the mono-pitched part will have a sloping, or raked, ceiling line to maximise the ceiling height. The name lean-to roof comes from this form of addition.

Mono-pitched roofs can also be used to provide clerestory windows for a hallway or similar room where a row of windows is placed below the edge of the mono-pitched section reaching above the other roof below.


myrooff.com - Monopitch roof construction

myroff.com Truss Chart

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Structure of the monoslope roof

Monopitched Roof of Skillion roof mainly depends on gravity in order to maintain the integrity of its structure. One of the major advantages of this kind of roofing is that they can be easily constructed without much hassle within a very short span of time. The process of constructing a monopitched roof is more than simple and doesn’t require too many hands when compared with the gabled roofing. As a result monopitched roofing construction can be completed in very less time and doesn’t involve too much expense. Traditionally these kinds of roof were mainly built for garages but more and more people are now opting for monopitch roof truss for their homes. The monopitch roof system doesn’t come with many members which is one reason which helps this kind of roof to equally distribute its load to the load bearing walls which have been placed near the roof both internally and externally.

myroof.com Single Pitch Roof

Single Pitch Roof

A single pitched roof is a roof that has a single pitch in one direction. They go by many names, including pent roofs, shed roof, lean- to roofs, or skillion roofs. They are commonly used in sheds, and homes designed in the modern style. They are often associated with simple home and building plans, as they do not require any special skill sets or craftsmanship. However, simple does not necessarily mean boring. Single pitch roofs can often be striking, and give a sense of character to the home or building. Today, many new modern construction homes and buildings favor the single pitched roof for its clean lines and simple plans.

Single slope roof home plans often require little variation in materials and coloring, preferring to maintain a simple and sharp look. Typically, the home would follow the design of one material – wood, steel, brick, or any other material. It rarely changes shades, the roofing being a different color from the main house, but that is all.

MiTek Connectors Product Information

online - MiTek Plates Information

local - MiTek Plates Information


video - Skillion Roof Scribing Rafters

video - Skillion Roof erection Procedure

Burmon Cyclone Bracket

Roof Truss Erection & Tie Down Demonstration for Skillion Roof

Comparing Methods of Roof Truss Erection & Tie Down


Roof Truss Basics - Structural Engineering And Home Building Tips

Green Building Advisor

Open-Web Trusses as Rafters

Trim Joist Engineered Wood Products

RedBuilt Open Web Truss

RedBuilt Open Web Truss

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Total Solutions for Today

Roof Framing with Wood I-Joists

Roof Framing with Wood I-Joists

I-joists make for a strong, flat roof, but you have to pay attention to the connections at the ridge and eaves

local - Open Web Design

Universal Forest Products

Roof Truss Terminology

US Glu-Lam

Trim Joist

Stark Truss

Stark Truss I-Joist Construction Details

See Page 17 for roof application.

local pdf

Simpson Strong Tie

CS Truss

Define and Design Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Trusses for Roofs and Floors

  • Create trusses from scratch or import from CS Build
  • Define and optimize webbing
  • Calculate forces and design members and plates
  • Generate engineered drawings for seal by a Professional Engineer
  • Create cutting lists and assembly drawings
  • Produce output files for automated saws and tables
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Trim Jost


Truss FEA

  • NetGen
  • Calculix

How to mesh complex geometries on NetGen and properly analyse on CalculiX

NetGen it’s a powerful 3D tetrahedral mesh generatorl that can handle complex geometries and a great variety of meshing options, the tetrahedral meshs as those created with Netgen are the best option on the selection of a discretization theorem for a non conventional bodycas long as it can handle a decent meshing density , wich it’s possible with the use of current medium-high level processing units. The tetrahedral elements can adjust more easily to the curves and spline surfaces of the model, preserving its proportion form.

On NetGen a 3D model can be meshed under a great variety of meshing controls in order to adjust de meshing density to the desired especifications.


Code_Aster PDF


NETGEN - automatic mesh generator

CalculiX FE Software



Part2 (of 2) Freecad + Netgen + CalculiX. Static Analysis

Elmer Fem and FreeCAD simple lesson

NETGEN meshing


How to mesh complex geometries on NETGEN and properly analyse on CalculiX

Building Safety Journal

Reviewing Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Truss Submittal Packages

By William Bolduc, P.E., S.E.

Truss Plate Institute

Truss Plate Institute

The Truss Plate Institute (TPI) opened in 1961 to address the emerging market for metal plate connected wood trusses. We continue to serve that market and are fulfilling our mission “….to maintain the truss industry on a sound engineering basis…” by providing:

  • Third Party In-Plant Quality Assurance (IAS Accredited)
  • Bracing, Handling, & Safety Guidelines &
  • Design & Quality Standards/Publications (ANSI Standards Developer).

Medeek.com - ANSI National Design Standard for Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Construction

local pdf copy

Mleko Engineering

Prefabricated Wood Truss Roof Structures

Structural Components of a House


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EV Studio

Roofs: How Low (Slope) Can You Go?

by Anthony Ries on May 2, 2012

Metal Roof Panels – This roof type covers three types of metal roofs. The underlayment is per manufacturer. There are also certain corrosion resistance requirements that need to be met for the roof material.

  • Lapped, nonsoldered seam. Minimum 3:12
  • Lapped, nonsoldered seam with applied lap sealant. Minimum 1/2:12
  • Standing seam metal roof. Minimum 1/4:12

Truss examples

Jon Peters Art & Home - Building Roof truss systems for shed, barn, or a tiny house by Jon Peters youtube