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Honda J engine wikipedia article

  • J35A4
  • 2002-2004 Honda Odyssey
  • 2003-2004 Honda Pilot
  • Displacement: 3,471 cc (3.471 L; 211.8 cu in)
  • Bore and stroke: 89 mm (3.5 in) x 93 mm (3.7 in)
  • Power: 240 hp (179 kW) @ 5400 rpm
  • Torque: 242 lb·ft (328 N·m) @ 4500 rpm
  • Compression: 10.0:1
  • Valve Train: 24-Valve SOHC VTEC
  • Fuel control: Multi-Point Fuel Injection


Drain and refill 3x

Hopkins FloTool 05034 Super Funnel $5.76 at amazon

FloTool Super Multi-Purpose Funnel $3.47 at walmart

RhinoGear Super Funnel $1.87 at walmart

Plews 75-068 2 Quart Capacity Super 18” Funnel $3.19 at walmart

Hopkins 10705 FloTool Giant QuickFill Funnel $5.77 at amazon

Transmission Drain and Fill Picture

Transmission Flush and Fill Pictures odyclub thread

dtj101 post

The goal is to have the old fluid not in the drain pan to get the chance to be mixed, so the 3x drain and fill is not just recycling the fresh oil just entered. I saw some posters simply just hold the brake and shift through gears without actually driving the car. I’d rather drive the car over highway to let it goes through all the gears and get the converter locked/unlocked. If you are not in a hurry (i.e. have tranny code or problem already), most dealers would just change it with oil change 3 times in a row. So the options are yours. BTW, each time it actually takes about 3.5 quarts. My experience is 3 quarts may not or just barely touches the lower mark. 3.5 quarts brings it to somewhere between the marks with car parked level and not running as Honda calls for.

Fluid and additives

12 Qt. Honda DW-1 Amazon $83.60

Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage DEX/MERC Walmart - $18 for gal.

Trans Fluid to MaxLife- Drain & Fill or More? odyforum thread

Honda vs. Valvoline Maxlife Tranny Fluid

odyclub thread

odyclub post

The only item I add to the ATF-Z1 in her 2002 Ody is some Lubegard Red.

I made the switch to MaxLife on my 2003 EX a couple years ago, and use Lubegard Black. I got the 2003 used, it was a really good deal (the owner was moving to Iceland!), and for some reason I thought to give the MaxLife a try in that car.

Thread - rough shift in reverse

Valvoline MaxLife Dex/Merc - Lubegard Red post by Odyfamily

I switched to a better ATF (Valvoline MaxLife Dex/Merc), which helped quite a bit. Adding Lubegard Red on top of that helped even more. I still get an occasional reverse engagement clunk on the first start of a really, really, really cold day, but it’s a rare event compared to the way it used to be.

Stock Filter

420508 FILTER (ATF)

Meet your Honda AT Filter Odyclub thread

worsethanchiggers - 2002 Honda Odyssey ATF and Filter Replacement youtube

Rock Auto AT filter http://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/honda,2004,odyssey,3.5l+v6,1425552,transmission-automatic,filter,8600 AT filter products

  • ATP B-265
  • BECK/ARNLEY 0448003 044-8003
  • WIX 58129 Filter
  • o-ring 91301-P7W-003 020 001 O-RING (12X2.4) (KEIHIN) $1.73 at hondapartsnow.com
  • o-ring 91301-P7W-003 o-ring $4.54 special order at Vidmar Honda dealer
  • ATF filter - Honda Part No.: 25450-P7W-003 $38.76 at hondapartsnow.com

Magnefine Filter

How is your Magnefine doing? odyclub post

One thing I never understand about Magnefine is that: since the Trans already has an ATF filter inside the housing, adding a Magnefine may be redundant???

I don’t believe so, but I’ve been mistaken in a big way before, so just my observations: my take on this is that not all of the fluid output goes through the OEM filter on the top of our 2002 and 2003 EX’s (not sure of 2005 and later Odys).

The large volume of fluid running to the ATF in-tank radiator “cooler” does not have a filter in the fluid path, so a Magnefine is a good place to put this.

As well, that OEM filter looks like a cellulose filter, which can’t stop particles still large enough to be of concern. As well, it doesn’t catch the fine ferrous particles that can act as co-catalysts for oxidation, which shortens life of the ATF. Granted, that ferrous stuff is still in contact with the ATF when clumped onto a magnet, but the big plus is that this very, very fine debris is not finely distributed throughout the ATF to do its damage…rather, it’s concentrated in one area with much less surface area exposed to the fluid. For example, think in terms of a thin layer of sediment at the bottom of a swimming pool, versus having it stirred up throughout the water column.

Extra filtration always helps. Periodic fluid changes to keep the fluid clean and the additives package fresh always helps. They’re both good to do.

Honda Odyssey Transmission Cooler

Honda Odyssey Transmission Cooler Odyclub thread

Aftermarket ATF Cooler Installation Notes Odyclub thread

$98 - 4544 Tru-Cool LPD Fin & Plate cooler kit 3/8 barbs Bulkpart.com order page

Timing Belt

2nd Gen Timing Belt Change odyclub thread

Timing Belt Replacement Tips Odyclub thread

Timing Mark Deviation 2001 Odyssey Odyclub thread

Fixing cars and stuff - Timing belt replacement Honda Odyssey 1998-2004 3.5L V6 water pump too youtube

Robert DIY - Honda Odyssey Timing Belt Replacement Part 1 of 2 - Auto Repair Series youtube

Nick Seston - Honda Odyssey Timing Belt Replacement youtube

Jonathan Sherman - 2001 Honda Odyssey Timing Belts and Water Pump Part 1 youtube

50sKid - Honda Accord Odyssey Element V6 Timing Belt Replacement Part 1 youtube

NutzAboutBolts - 1998-2002 Honda Accord Timing belt replacement with water pump youtube

ebay search: 2004 Honda Odyssey timing belt component kit

ebay search: 2004 Honda Odyssey timing belt water pump kit

rockauto.com timing belt kit

Engine Oil

preferred oil filter

  • K&N HP-1004 Oil Filter - with 1 inch nut
  • WIX 57356xp filter
  • WIX 58129 Filter
  • Mobil 1 M1-104 Extended Performance Oil Filter
  • Fram XG7317 full synthetic

    at amazon WIX Filters - 57356XP Xp Spin-On Lube Filte

    knfilters.com K&N HP-1004 Oil Filter

    amazon.com - $9.98 K&N HP-1004 Performance Wrench-Off Oil Filter

    $12 at amazon prime Mobil 1 M1-104 Extended Performance Oil Filter

    ## fumoto drain plug fumoto F106S M14-1.5 DRAIN VALVE W/SHORT NIPPLE fumoto ADL-106 ADAPTER (LONG) FOR F-106 M14-1.5 ## oil and filter change ExcelDriveVideo - 2000 Honda Odyssey; Oil Change How To Step by Step youtube #### AMSOil EaO44 not in production Craig; The EaO44 was obsoleted a few years ago. It had the same thread size as the Ea15K20, but was both taller and bigger around than the Ea15K20. If you prefer the larger filter, choose Wix 51626 or Donaldson P550935. We stock both of these options. Byron Selbrede - Technical Services ## Oil and additives Mobil 1 5W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 qt. Walmart $26.44 for 5 qt ATP AT-205 Re-Seal Stops Leaks, 8 Ounce Bottle Amazon - $13.34 for 8 oz liqui moly.de Cera Tec Amazon $25 for 300ml BOB IS THE OIL GUY » Forums » Fuels / Fuel & Oil Additives » OTC and Third Party Oil Additives » Liqui Moly Ceratec forum thread liqui moly.de Cera Tec liqui-moly.de Cera Tec Page Cera Tec is a high-tech ceramic wear protection and can be mixed with all commercially available oils. Cera Tec reduces friction and wear by using chemically and thermally extremely high-resilient ceramic compounds. Prevents direct metal/metal contact, increasing the service life of the aggregate. The smooth-running effect reduces fuel consumption in petrol and diesel engines. for motor oil, products from Liqui-Moly of Germany (specifically, Cera Tec). Post by Odyfamily MOS2 Liqui Moly 2009 Anti-Friction Oil Treatment - 300 ml amazon - $8.91 for 300ml ## filters #### Synthetic or non synthetic? odyclub thread ##### Odyfamily post You bet! Also, I don't feel we went off-topic, since the thread is "Synthetic or non synthetic"....and the AmSOil filters use synthetic engineered filtration media instead of a non-synthetic cellulose media. AmSOil did a recent change to 20-micron absolute rating (first pass measurement). Recently, some of their excellent 15-micron filters were loading up with debris when used on engines with known sludge problems. Ths is a situation that really didn't exist less than ten years ago in automobile engines. In fact, several automakers have acknowledged this new problem, and have extended their warranties. More accurately, as automakers work ever more towards better thermal efficiency and performance (usually requiring some pretty high operating temperatures), we are beating the heck out of engine oil more than ever before in ways we didn't think possible. In my younger days an API-SC rated dinosaur oil would have been fine in any vehicle; that same oil today would be a complete disaster in today's Chrysler 2.7L V-6 engines, possibly the worst of any engine in North America in terms of poor oiling design and sludge generation. Here is a link to a PDF: AmSOil TSB Note that Chrysler is the only manufacturer that refuses to plus up the warranty due to the many problems they've had and continue to have. Never trust a "case by case" evaluation with Chrysler. They will always blame the vehicle owner rather than own up to having poorly engineered a driveline component of any type. I don't even think the most current API-SN rating in a quality synthetic would be enough to stop a Chrysler 2.7L V6 engine from doing this, so the "synthetic or non synthetic" question is almost moot with them. That said, if you have one and want to make it last, a quality synthetic oil and a synthetic filter of sufficient size are the only way to go, IMHO. 20-micron absolute first pass rating is still excellent for an oil filter, which is the rating for current AmSOil EaO synthetic media filters. Some other makers also claim 20-micron with a mere cellulose filter, but after searching the BITOG site, I found that most of the knowledgeable types with engineering backgrounds confide that it is a misleading measurement used by other makers based on filters that are almost completely blocked with contaminants. The AmSOil rating is based on a new filter, so unlike the others, it is truly an honest rating of AmSOil's synthetic filtering media efficiency. BITOG is a very useful resource for these questions! Again, from perusing BITOG, I've gathered that 20 microns is the maximum size a particle in solution can still remain hydrodynamic, i.e., reside within the lubrication film between two bearing surfaces in an automobile engine and still not cause any damage. Good stuff, these AmSOil filters. The EaO15K20 is a great filter. I still use it on my Accord with well over 180,000 miles (and even compression on all 4 cylinders still within spec for a new engine) along with Mobil 1. I used it for years on both Odys. I don't know if the EaO44 even is necessary on either of my Odys, since Hondas don't have sludege problems...even on the 2003 which does most of our summer towing duty. It most probably is not even necessary in the least, and the EaO15K20 is most likely the 100% answer. But, as much as I beat them up with kid hauling duty, short-short trips (which I try not to do, but end up doing anyway), and pulling a boat on 110-deg F+ summers, the Odys get the EaO44 just for my peace of mind, along with Mobil 1 5W30 synthetic. AmSOil Universal Synthetic ATF goes into our Ody transmissions. I still have 2 cases of Honda ATF-Z1 for the 1998 Accord, and will switch to AmSOil when I eventually exhaust my stash. ##### EaO44 filter Odyfamily post Well, Oily Pablo (known as Pablo on the Bob is the Oil Guy Forums) tried out the EaO44 intead of the EaO15K20 (the new name for the EaO20) on his Gen 3 Ody. It is a much bigger filter, the gasket fits nicely and does not stick out past the outer diameter of the pad where it rests upon, and it is the same thread (20x1.5 metric). He cut one open, and it does have a lot of pleats. AmSOil, as I understand it, has a reputable maker like Wix or Donaldson make filters to their specifications (with 20-micron media), and more knowledgeable folks on BITOG think it is a Donaldson-manufactured unit. EaO44 Cut open (~13K miles ASM 0W-20) Pablo bitog post The EaO20's exterior dimensions are 3.194" in height, and 3.252" O.D. Exterior volume is 26.53 cubic inches. Rubber gasket is 2.475" O.D., 2.173" I.D., 0.233" thick. The EaO44's exterior dimensions are 3.812" in height, and 3.663" O.D. Exterior volume is 40.17 cubic inches. Rubber gasket is 2.834" O.d., 2.462" I.D., 0.200" thick. In short, the EaO44 is about 50% larger in terms of total volume, and it fits well without sticking out beyond the protection offered by the frame of the vehicle. The rubber gasket was my only possible concern, but it is a nice fit; it does not stick out (i.e., does not overhang or protrude beyond the filter gasket mating surface on the car). The radius increase from center of that gasket only amounts to 0.1795", or just over 11/64 of an inch more than the EaO15K20 gasket. # Gas additives Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner - 300 ml Amazon - $10.01 for 300ml # Steering # Engine Mount Front engine mount is bad - replace rear as well? odyclub thread Need help rear motor mount replacement 2002 Ody odyclub thread Motor Mount Replacement - How do you know When? odyclub thread Motor Mount gone bad odyclub thread # Odyclub Posts
            Sun Feb 21 07:38:29 MST 2016
            2004 VIN > ...051621 Tranny recommendations?
            My just purchased vehicle: 2004 Honda Odyssey LX VIN 5FNRL18564B142543
            Note that ...142543 > ...051621
            mileage: 102,000 mi. When driving the transmission seems fine (no issues noted)
            Transmission fluid changes:
            45,542 at Pep Boys
            75,488 at Pep Boys
            81,479 at Honda Dealer
            from odyclub post
            That means any 2004 Odyssey with VIN 5FNRL18..4B051621 and beyond has a "good" A/T.
            So here are the recommendations I've collected:
            Install Tru-Cool LPD4544 22,000GVW cooler (from post by herrhaus)
            Install Magnefine filter
            Use Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage DEX/MERC ATF with Lubegard Platinum
            Replace Transmission fluid every 15000mi with filter replacement(s) at 30000mi
            Is anything overkill? Anything I'm missing.
    #### Thread - 2003 Honda Ody 120K Transmission problems Odyfamily post joe, there are 3 possible fatal third clutch ATF flow defects that can happen in any 2002-2004 Ody BYBA-coded tranny in Odysseys manufactured prior to mid-2004. If his has all of them, plus the 3rd clutch steels problem that is common to all of our A/T's, then he is fortunate to have achieved 120,000 miles. That said, if you change a clutch pressure control switch (or switches) that may be in its final cycles of life, and that fixes it...well, the van may be in for a long and happy life if you regain normal function. No crystal ball here. Just praying for a good result! # EGR passages Cleaning EGR passages on 02-04 intake manifold odyclub thread # Radiator #### EricTheCarGuy - How To Bleed A Cooling System youtube #### klowny1969 - How To Use A Spill Free Funnel youtube #### Nthefastlane - Burping The Cooling System with a Spill Free Funnel youtube #### DIY Auto Repair Videos - Burping The Cooling System with a Spill Free Funnel youtube ##### 82-deg C thermostat odyfamily post You're correct...the 2002 has been our "primarily road trip Ody", while my 2003 is the "always driven in town Ody". ken, I'm a little afraid to look under the valve covers of the 2003 this week! The only item that I think might help is that I put the 82-deg C thermostat in that 2003 some time ago. I have a Scangage II, and I'm always cognizent of the coolant temp and making sure it gets warmed up fully, planning drives, and school & activities & sports pickups / dropoffs so that I usually have one continuous drive instead of many short drives with many starts & shutdowns. One thing I've found: even on cold days, the Ody warms up pretty quickly. The 82-deg C tstat gives running temps usually 7-8 deg F higher than the stock 78-deg C tstat. It might prove helpful. Radiator change recommended at 10 to 12 years????? odyclub thread Antifreeze flush (coolant change) odyclub thread Genuine Honda Parts OL999-9011 Blue Type 2 Coolant - 1 Gallon Bottle $22.62 at amazon #### Which coolant is good for 02' and how difficult to DYI change it? odyclub thread ##### Consider changing the thermostat and radiator cap at the same time. davedrivesody post Michael, you can't go wrong with Type 2 premix from the dealer. Alternatively, I suppose any coolant that is compatible with aluminum and has low silicate is okay too. IIRC, several members have used Prestone successfully. Replacing the coolant requires draining from two places: the radiator has a hand-operated drain valve and the engine has a drain bolt on the back side of the block that accepts a rubber hose to direct the coolant into a container. After it's drained and refilled, there is a bleeding procedure that's good to follow because of the rear heater system. That was the 40,000-foot view. You can search for details here on the site. Still, it's quite easy, but a little more difficult than either engine oil or ATF. Consider changing the thermostat and radiator cap at the same time. Both have limited service life, although there is no specified maintenance interval for them. My rule is to change them after 10 years or 150,000 miles, although my thermostat started running 5 degrees cool after just 95,000 miles. The instrument panel gauge looked normal, but my ScanGuage showed the difference from normal. ##### maybe a 4 ft. clear 1/4" tubing nitely2 post Yep, grab a gallon of prestone long life coolant concentrate and a gallon of distilled water at walmart and mix them 50/50 and you will be set. No reason to pay any more than that. Well maybe a 4 ft. clear 1/4" tubing from home depot for the engine drain port reached from the underside. Park car atleast 3 hours to cool engine before draining. You will be using about 6 quarts total of your 8 quarts of coolant mix. Good luck. Just recently replaced my radiator and thermostat and hoses last summer and did this procedure twice to swap out the old blue honda for the prestone coolant. Always good to measure how much coolant came out before discarding. #### Thread: Generic Equivlanet of Honda Type II Coolant ##### odyfamily post If it's approved for use in aluminum engines, you should be fine. I've used Prestone Extended Life coolant forever. I'm jumping on the bandwagon of people who do an annual drain/refill of the radiator to keep the additives package fresh (i.e., the added compounds that support water pump gland seal lubricity, pH maintenance, and keeping particulates suspended in solution, etc.). It's just so easy to do with that little drain plug that can be opened and closed by hand at the bottom of the radiator. ##### prestone long life coolant concentrate and a gallon of distilled water at walmart nitely2 post Yep, grab a gallon of prestone long life coolant concentrate and a gallon of distilled water at walmart and mix them 50/50 and you will be set. No reason to pay any more than that. Well maybe a 4 ft. clear 1/4" tubing from home depot for the engine drain port reached from the underside. Park car atleast 3 hours to cool engine before draining. You will be using about 6 quarts total of your 8 quarts of coolant mix. Good luck. Just recently replaced my radiator and thermostat and hoses last summer and did this procedure twice to swap out the old blue honda for the prestone coolant. Always good to measure how much coolant came out before discarding. # engine Air filter wix 46803 # cabin air filter wix 24893 # tires ## replace tires 2016-09-19 225/60r16 ### tirerack research #### General AltiMAX RT43 review General AltiMAX RT43 325.76 + (4 * 14.58) = 384.08 - $96 each for tires General AltiMAX RT43 - Grand Touring All-Season #### Kumho Ecsta LX Platinum Grand Touring All-Season review Kumho Ecsta LX Platinum tire 297 + (4 * 14.60) = $356 - $89 per tire #### Sumitomo HTR Z II review Sumitomo HTR Z II Set of 4: 273.00 + 58.32 shipping - $83 each #### Bridgestone Potenza RE97 AS 2.9 out of 5 ### discount tire #### General AltiMAX RT43 $84. each not in stock. specal order youtube Everyday CarLife - General Altimax RT43 Review youtube Tire Rack - Standard Touring All-Season Tires That Strike the Perfect Balance General AltiMAX RT43 recommended in Comparison of:
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    youtube Tire Rack - Standard Touring All-Season Tires That Strike the Perfect Balance -- Winter Update Comparison of:
    • Hankook Optimo H727 rated 1
    • General AltiMAX RT43 rated 2
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