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Earlex HV5500 Spray Station

$300 - Earlex HV5500 Spray Station amazon

Great for Woodworking By S. Hagertyon

I have had this unit for about a year and a half now. So far I have used it exclusively for finishing my woodworking projects. I have sprayed a wide variety of finishes including water based polyurethane, water based dye, shellac, General Finishes Outdoor Oil, alcohol based dye, nitrocellulose lacquer, Waterlox, and milk paint.

Please bear in mind that this is my first and only HVLP stsyem, but I could not be happier with its performance. It is very easy to setup, adjust, and clean. In addition to the 2.0mm that comes with the system, I also purchased the 1.5mm and 1.0mm needle/nozzle sets. I find that I use the 1.5mm most of the time. In fact, I have only used the included 2.0mm when spraying General Finishes Milk Paint which is quite thick, while the 1.0mm was really only useful when spraying very thin 1/2lb cut shellac. Therefore, based on my experience, I would highly suggest buying the optional 1.5mm needle/nozzle set

Earlex HV5ACC15USR Fine Finish Needle

I also recommend that you do not use this or any spray system unless you wear some sort of respirator! I have this model from 3M and it works wonderfully:

3M R-7512ES Professional Half-Mask Organic Vapor, P95 Respirator Assembly, Medium

I really have been pleased with my Earlex 5500. With it I can lay down light even coats of finish; and by using proper technique (for which there was a learning curve) I don’t need to worry about drips & runs. Based the wide variety of finishes I’ve used you should be able to get a good idea of its versatility. Cleaning is always a concern with something like this, and let me assure you that with the Earlex cleaning is very simple. Simply empty any unused finish back into the original container, then rinse out the pot using the appropriate solvent (be it water, mineral spirits, alcohol, naptha, or lacquer thinner). Next add some of the solvent and clamp the it back onto the gun. Attach the turbine and spray until the solvent comes out clear. Now empty the put and rinse again. Take the gun to a sink (or use could use a bucket of water) and disassemble the nozzle and needle. Run the appropriot size brush up the pickup tube and through opening where the nozzle attaches. Set the gun aside to dry. Finally, I drop the nozzle, needle, and the pattern nozzle (I don’t know what else to call it) into a cup of solvent overnight, after which I take them out, dry them off and pack everything away until the next time.

One last thing about Earlex is their customer service. I have called on more than one occasion to ask advice about spraying something that I had not done yet, such as the milk paint and the Outdoor Oil. Each time they have been more than willing to help. I think that says a lot about a company. I am very glad that I decided to buy the Earlex.

Marvin Earneston

Bought this spraying system primarily to spray water-based stains, dyes and topcoats. Also purchased the 1.5 needle since the package on Amazon included the 2.0 needle. Only took a few minutes to get up and going. I’ve seen some concerns expressed about the plastic hose, but don’t think it’ll be an issue for me—I’m a hobbyist, not making a living with it. Only used it on one project so far, but am very pleased. I like the teflon-coated cup–really makes cleanup easy. The gun seems to be of very good quality. My first turbine purchase, I’ve been using guns that run off of my compressor. Am now a convert to turbines. Water-based material is a little trickier than oil or solvent based, but the learning curve is fairly short. Found it easy to adjust the flow of material. Easy to adjust fan pattern. I highly recommend this system for serious woodworking hobbyists like myself. I think it packs pretty good bang for the buck.

Perfect for Beginners: Great Results! By NenaLiuon

After watching the included CD and many you tube videos i decided to buy this one. It is the simpliest spray gun in the world. Once you see the final job you can see that those $300 were well spent. There are other similar to this and cheaper, but that pro paint gun got into my eyes! I have never use a spray gun before and i am amazed of the final job i had. I painted my kitchen cabinets inside and out!! Very little overspray!!! I used Benjamin Moore’s Advance primer; gloss paint and a paint conditioner from the Home Depot (Wagner Easy Paint)) to help dilute the paint…much better that diluting with water. Use the included viscocity cup…is of great help. The manual that came with it says 160 seconds for the viscocity time…but it must have to be 60 seconds. Once i figured out that, it was a breeze. Very eeeeeassssy to use and to clean! Almost as loud as a vaccum cleaner. Let it run for about two minutes for it to warm the air and GO! …..Next Project!!!

This spray system is amazing. I refinish kitchen cabinets professionally and this system … By Scott S.

This spray system is amazing. I refinish kitchen cabinets professionally and this system with the 2.0 needle it comes with works great for spraying PPG Breakthrough straight from the can. I then switch to a 1.5 needle for spraying the polyurethane top coat. This kit has literally made me tens of thousands of dollars

Great value By Keith J. Sibille

I am a weekend woodworker and I had always wanted to try spraying my projects. I knew I needed an HVLP sprayer in order to spray latex paint but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I tried researching the web and really couldn’t make a decision so I purchased the Wagner system with the stand alone turbine. I had built a chest of drawers and go set up to paint. Thank goodness I had set up a temporary spray booth because the overspray was massive and there was paint everywhere. It’s possible that I had a defective unit because the paint would continue to flow even when the trigger was released. I brought it back and went back to the web.

I was watching a video of Jeff Devlin building a project and I noticed that he was using this Earlex sprayer. After researching a bit, it seemed like a good product, with a metal gun, not plastic like the Wagner and mostly stainless steel.

This gun works as advertised. The overspray is very minimal and the controls allow for a very controlled pattern. The gun atomizes the paint very well and I was using latex thinned with a very small amount of water. The finish turned out exceptionally good.

Cleanup was also a breeze. The paint cup is lined with Teflon so the paint just rinses out. Run water through the gun, remove just a few parts and rinse it out and it’s clean and ready to go. After just a couple of sessions, I am able to clean the gun and switch paint colors in about 5 minutes.

If you’re looking for a spray gun that has professional qualities but won’t break the bank, I’d highly recommend the Earlex 5500.

earlex product page

lumberjocks review Reivew of Earlex Spray Station HV5500 HVLP - Buy it now.

Buy it. If you don’t have a spray gun but have been thinking about it, buy it. If you want to spray, but the cost is too high on those fancy/expensive systems, buy it. If every project needs to have a perfect, auto paint gloss finish, no matter how long it takes, then this is not the product for you.

I have had mine for over a year now and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. Sure, I could have spent more to get a finer mist, or see through reservoir, or more bells and whistles, but this thing does it’s job without complaint. I don’t like the center of balance on the handle when loaded with paint, it is uncomfortable to hold after a while. It is louder then I like. But I don’t know if spending more money would fix either one of those problems enough to count. Bottom line is a shop sprayer is there to save you time. Don’t confuse these with an airbursh. You are not going to get those kinds of results. This is a substitute for brushes and rollers. That said, this product saves me time, I am pleased with the results, and I don’t know if any cheaper product could make me as satisfied or a more expensive product do that much of a better job to be worth it. When I put a fine finish on a frame this is not the tool. For just about everything else, this is what I use.

Just remember to thin your paint or finish correctly and turn down the volume until you get the spray you want. Just because it is a sprayer does not mean you can do everything in one, 10 second coat. It still takes time, just not nearly as much as a brush or roller.

CharlesNeil - Earlextech has it right, you can spray anything, you want the 1.5 needle/nozzle for waterbase, ,shellacs and lacquers, and the 2.0 and I think they have a 2.5 for heavier paints, like latex

Earlextech - Hey guys, thanks for all the nice comments and suggestions, believe me I make sure you are heard here at Earlex. This coming year we will have new things coming out such as a 5 stage system and also pint cups for the 5500/6900 guns that will be sold as two in a package with one lid that connects to the gun and one with a lid to store material in. There is also, right now, an after market cup that you can get from 3M called the PPS system, it’s a pressureized cup with a bag in it. Their #18 collar fits our gun and connects to their cup, it’s a great system, it makes cleanup even easier and it give you the ability to turn the gun upside down (should you need to) to spray.

As far as cleaning between coats, it’s totally unnescessary. I spray latex at The Woodworking Shows for three days each week without cleaning at all. Load the gun on Thursday during setup and clean it on Sunday after breakdown. Never had a problem. There will always be a dried booger of finish on the tip when you take even a 30 minute break between coats. Scratch it off with your fingernail and go right back to spraying. This happens with all guns.

Shelly B, The advantage to a turbine is that you’re not running a compressor all day while spraying, you don’t have the contamination issues that come with compressed air, you have 75% less overspray than with a compressor and it’s a much more even coat than you can get by brushing or wiping and one more thing you should know.

Nobody sprays a perfect coat. That’s not how it works. After you spray the best coat possible, using all of your expertise and experience to do the best job possible, that coat has to flow on the project, in other words – move. It’s the flowing out of the finish that makes it smooth, even and able to reflect light correctly so that it appears perfect.

Earlextech - Actually Mellie, we have a non-Teflon cup available for those solvent based finishes. The Teflon coated cup is for waterborne/water based materials. We don’t make liners for our cups but you can get them from other manufacturers that will fit our cup.

Earlextech - I agree with GregD. “I think the only requirement for successful spraying is to get a wet coat of finish at an appropriate thickness. Drips obviously mean that the coat is too thick. Rough texture suggest to me that the finish isn’t forming a wet layer – too much air and too little finish.”

Orange peel is the result of the finish drying too fast and not having enough time to level out.

I would thin less, maybe 10% or one viscosity cup of water into a quart of paint. Then add two ounces of Floetrol. Acrylic does not spray as well as regular latex. Stir with a paddle mixer in a drill for one minute. Medium speed.

About 6” away from project is probably right.

What is the project?

Luke - Listen to Earlex Tech… he knows. I have the 5500. I have sprayed MANY paint products. Unfortunately I bought it to spray clear finishes and 7 of 10 times I use it is with Latex Paint not what I wanted to do.

I’ve found that Latex with Primer mixed in is horrid to use.

Flotrol helps alot also, I picked that up from Jeff Jewitt’s finishing book.

I’ve sprayed Behr, Valspar, Sherwin Williams, and Vista Paint (I think they are just local). I did some bead-boarded wainscotting in my daughters room and decided I didn’t want to mask the entire room off to spray, so I brushed/rolled. That lasted about 30 min, and then I masked the room off and sprayed.

Keep in mind, that to get a completely BUMP FREE surface from Paint, you will need ALOT of force for atomization. Everyone of my paint projects has a slight texture to it, but having rolled about 30 square feet of primer on my daughters wainscotting, the spray texture is LESS noticeable than the roll texture.

IF you want a glass like finish you’ll need a several step process of priming/sanding/painting/sanding/buffing, and may also want to consider spraying a tinted lacquer. General finishes sells WB tinted poly, that is what cabinet makers often use.

Also using Acrylic enamel vs Vinyl enamel will make a difference I believe. For me, I just have an understanding of REASONABLE expectations with the 5500, its totally capable, but if your expecting a lacquer like finish of a latex paint, I don’t think its going to happen. After all, with the exception of milk paint, very few furniture/cabinetry is painted, its lacquered. Its a harder surface.

Here is a project used with the Earlex, sprayed Clear Poly on finished desk, Shellac as a sealer/primer, and Latex.

Click for details: Built in craft desk

A couple of thoughts, there have been numerous threads about this subject, don’t examine your finished project from 6” away, no one looks at it like that… Take a step back.

Here is what I do: Thin the paint – it depends on the manufacturer (they’re all different) after a while you’ll know and won’t have to use the viscosity cup. I’d recommend Jeff Jewitt’s spray finishing book also. You may have to thin more than you think.

Try flotrol, it helps the paint stay wet, and level better.

I use the 1.5mm needle usually when spraying latex, I’ve had better luck with that one.

Luke - The day the previous post came out I had finished my fourth big job with this Earlex. My wife bought it for me for fathers day a few years ago, I got the kit that came with the extra needle (1.5mm). Before this I used a $14 HF HVLP sprayer with a very small compressor, I had to wait in between sprays for the compressor to cycle. I’ve sprayed Shellac, WB Poly, Latex, NGR Dye and a few other things with this sprayer. I just completed wainscoting in my daughters room and sprayed it with the 5500. I sprayed my neighbors entertainment center, mine as well, I build a desk in our loft that is 16 feet long, sprayed the latex paint, as well as shellac and WB poly for the desk top.

I’m not a professional, strictly a hobbyest, and home fixer-upper.

I gotta say, the Earlex is amazing. I’ve had my shares of frustration with it, but in the end, if I look on the web, or read some tips, the issues can almost always be resolved.

When spraying clear finishes, Shellac, Poly, Lacquer etc, this thing is a champ! I love it. When spraying my 16×2.5’ desk top, I couldn’t imagine finishing it any other way. I am the type that HATES the finishing process, its usually when I run into the most issues. Some complain that spraying takes too much time to mask off, I’d rather mask than brush any day.

As far as the performance, I’ve had it for 3 years this June (2013) I’ve sprayed Sherwin Williams, Vista, and Behr, General finishes, Minwax and Zinseer, and I think this thing is worth its weight in gold!

The Pros: Easy to use, plug it in, make sure the filter is clean, turn it on, fill it up, dial the amount of material, and spray away, its that easy. Accompanied with a good spray book or DVD this thing will open your eyes.

Clean up is usually a straight forward process, and doesn’t take much time.

Portability, pick it up and use it where you need it.

The Cons: In a previous review, one had mentioned the handle is a bit small, I agree, but I do find I get more fatigue holding a brush then then holding the sprayer.

I’ve read in several reviews that people have complained of the teflon coating coming off inside the cup, I have that problem inside of my cup, after the first time I sprayed Shellac it started to come off.

The plastic clip that holds the hose on the handle shortly broke after purchase so the hose storage is a bit cumbersome.

Honestly thats really it for cons. If the cup didn’t chip, I’d’ve given it 5 stars.

I do have some thoughts, I wouldn’t call them “CONS” I’m not a fan of the intake being at the bottom of the unit, usually there is plastic where I spray and on more than one occasion, its sucked plastic and I’ve had to rush to turn off the unit. Also I do try to keep my spray area clean, but dust in the air and the like settles on the floor, so sucking air in from the floor seems a bit illogical to me, I’m sure there was a reason for it…

It would be nicer to have the hose just be able to be stored in the unit instead of having the top 2’ of hose clipped, being that the clip is plastic, that creates a hassle, and I usually just store the hose separate now.

The hose pops out if you don’t really put it in the spray gun, I don’t call that a con, because it happening two times to me before I realized I just needed to use more pressure to keep the hose in isn’t a big deal.

All in all, no one product is perfect, but I will say that this thing is worth the money. One tip that I can say yielded great results in spraying Latex was to do what Earlex Tech said, buy a paint mixer drill bit, I did notice that the paint would spray much easier. My dad had some wainscoting done that was sprayed by a pro with an airless system, and I think mine is smoother to the touch than his, not saying that its a better product, but it can yield GREAT RESULTS. thread Latex Paint and Earlex 5500

Earlex Spraystation HV2901P

$120 - Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision amazon

earlex product page

Harbor freight

$210 at Harbor Freight Airless Paint Sprayer Kit

$120 at Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun Kit

Chicago Electric Power Tools - item# 44677

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TCP Global - same as HF 68843

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        FLUID TIP NOZZLE SET TCP global G6600 HVLP Spray Gun
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        Optional items available for Model G6600 Series Full Size Spray Guns:
          Needle, Nozzle and Air Cap Sets in sizes 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0 and 2.5mm
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$19 on ebay 2.5 FLUID TIP NOZZLE SET-TCPglobal G6600 HVLP Spray Gun

DIY Dan youtube Spraying Latex with HVLP (TCP G6600-25)

Using the TCP Global® Brand Professional 2.5mm Hvlp Spray Gun (TCP G6600-25) to spray semi gloss latex paint for the entry door. I used Floetrol so the paint flowed a little better but I didn’t need to add any water. I would highly recommend the 3M PPS system as it made clean up a breeze. I did remove the filter from the gun and the PPS cup because I strained the paint prior to using it. I had no problem with lack of paint at the tip and sprayed at 40PSI. If you want to use the PPS system with this gun you need the 3M Number 2 adapter. Before you go this route make sure your compressor can deliver enough CFM for this gun.

If you want to use the PPS system with this gun you need the 3M Number 2 adapter.

Fluid Sets

americanairless on ebay

americanairless on ebay

        Wed Mar 15 11:04:39 MDT 2017
        I am looking for different size fluid sets for
        20 oz. Professional HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun Central Pneumatic - item#68843
        HF says it takes a Graco fluid set.
        The gun came with a nozzle marked 1.4mm and a needle marked 8661314.
        Do you know if you have compatible fluid sets?

HF 68843

20 oz. Professional HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun Central Pneumatic - item# 68843

EarlexMR youtube HV5500 Thinning - Latex Paints

Uses Viscocity cup. Demonstrate stirring with paint sticl.

Viscosity Cup

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        Earlex sg243
        Earlex sg244


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3M PPS - Paint Preparation System

3M™ PPS™ Adapter

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This kit includes 1 hard cup in standard size (22 ounces/650ml), 10 lids (200 micron), 10 liners, and 4 plugs. Compare to similar kits with only 6 liners that cost more. We also sell pps adapters to fit your gun.

Harbor Freight Disposable cups

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pressure regulator

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