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  • VIN 1gcek19tx2e233277
  • GM GMT800 platform
  • Engine Vortec 5300 (5.3 L) V8
  • 4l60e - Transmission 4-speed 4L60-E automatic
  • axle,rear,3.73 ratio 3.73r(gt4)
  • engine gas, 8 cyl, 5.3l, mfi 5.3t(lm7)
  • transmission,automatic 4 speed,4l60e,electronic 4-spd a/trans(m30)
  • tire all p245/75r16 bw r/pe st tl als 109s tire(qnk)
  • tire spare p245/75r16 bw r/pe st tl als 109s spare tire(znk)
  • touch up paint BC/CC U 8624 12D Olympic White
  • compnine build sheet


Oil Filter

Preferred Oil Filters

  • K&N HP-2006 w/ 1 inch nut
  • wix 51042XP
  • wix 51042
  • Mobile 1 M1-206
  • Mobile 1 M1-206A
  • Fram xg3675
  • Fram xg3506

Wix Oil Filters

Oil change

6 qt. oil

Fumoto f107n drain valve w/nipple

F-HOSE 3/8” ID X 3 FT VINYL HOSE Vinyl drain hose for FN, FS and FSW series valves with 3/8” nipple

oil filters

  • Fram Extra Guard PH3506 on Fri Jun 10 12:46:44 MDT 2016
  • WIX Filters - 51042 Spin-On Lube Filter January 23, 2017


youtube TheyMightBeRacing - 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Oil Change

youtube video 2CarPros - Oil Change & Filter Replacement 1999-2006 Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado

youtube video Gregory’s Garage - Oil Change 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500

youtube rzrguy14 - How To Change Engine Oil! 2003-2007 Chevrolet Silverado 5.3L V8!

How to Change the Oil on a Chevy Silverado

youtube 1A Auto Parts - How To Do An Oil Change 2000-06 5.3L Chevy Suburban

Fumoto drain valve

Fumoto drain valve product page

fumoto f 107n engine oil drain valve

fumoto valve installed

Fumoto drain valve Forum post

Postby O’Brien » Apr 18 2012, 6:25am

Here’s a link to the Fumoto site. Mine is just like the one pictured at the top left of page. Only difference is I bought an aluminum crush seal instead of the blue gasket one pictured. I installed one of these a couple of years ago on the wifes Honda S2000. They work good. The L nipple is removable and I use a rubber cap over the end nipple after I’m finished with the oil change to keep any debris from getting in the hole.

4L60-E auto tranny

Ultimate 4L60e Guide

thread by katjar503 - How to do a 4L60E Transmission Serviceforum thread

  • Valvoline Max life Dex/Merc ATF
  • Lube Gard Platinum additive
  • true cool i use the #4590

Postby Shawner - I figured that if I had to drop the pan again, might as well install a new pan with a drain plug in it so I also ordered a Dorman 265-811 tranny oil pan. On my 2007 Silverado classic (4.8L 4x4), it fit perfectly. Plus, it was only $12.50!

Dorman 265-811 Transmission Oil Pan $38 at amazon

I installed this pan on a 1998 Chevrolet Blazer with a 4L60E automatic and the fitment was absolutely perfect. Even though it is deeper than the original pan, it still clears the frame rails so no worries about bottoming out on it.

I did however notice it doesn’t take a whole lot more fluid than the stock despite being deeper – this is neither good nor bad.


You will need a FelPro TOS 18663 which is a much better gasket than you will find in any filter kit.

Remove and re-install the drain plug before you install the pan because it’s way too tight from the factory. It takes a 17mm bolt.

Also consider changing your transmission fluid to Valvoline Max Life which seems to work best in this transmission.

How To Do A 4l60e Complete Fluid Changeover + Filter forum howto page

1988–1997 GMT400

Sixth generation 1988–1997 (GMT400)

The GMT 400 and similar GMT 480 is the platform for the 1988-1998 full-size pickup truck platform.

GMT400 on wikipedia

1999-2006 GMT800

GMT800 on wikipedia

  • 1999–2006 Chevrolet Silverado
  • 1999–2006 GMC Sierra
Year 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Total sales .1,569,198. .1,672,804. .1,810,340. .1,704,239. .1,491,084.


4 Rhino ramps

rated 15k

RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp - Pair (16,000lb. GVW Capacity) $59.60/pair at amazon

Hopkins FloTool RhinoRamp Max 11909MI $48/pair at autozone

Hopkins/16000 lbs. RhinoRamps Max 11912MI $55/pair at autozone


Copperhead post

Exactly. I got Rhino brand rated at 15K lb. I have 4 of them. I put one under each tire of my 2500 and drive it on up. Not a single worry that they will not support the pickup. allows me a easy way to check out the entire underside when I change oil and do lube job. I got mine at Northern Tool in Des Moines, but they are available anywhere. Rhino ramps come in various weight ratings. Get what you think is best and have fun!

I am a stauch supporter of Fumoto drain valves. I have them on everything from compact tractors to commercial semi trucks. All my vehicles get one at the first oil change. I have had them on Jeeps that went thru some real nasty stuff regularly, and my pickups all have to deal with a lot of off road ag terrace and washout crossings, corn stalks and sticks shoved up into every nook and cranny. I have yet to have a Fumoto valve even look like it had been subjected to severe punishment. Been using them since the mid 1990’s.

xxx transmission pan

yyy oil drain valve

grease fittings

johnnyo4 - Re: Lack of lube in Silverado fittings

This is the 11 points.

  1. Drivers side, Upper ball joint
  2. Drivers side, Outer tie-rod end
  3. Drivers side, Lower ball joint
  4. Drivers side, Inner tie-rod end
  5. Drivers side, Pitman arm (at relay rod)
  6. Passengers side, Idler arm (bottom)
  7. Passengers side, Idler arm (top)
  8. Passengers side, Inner tie-rod end
  9. Passengers side, Lower ball joint
  10. Passengers side, Outer tie-rod end
  11. Passengers side, Upper ball joint

The bottom ball joint zerk is hard to see. It’s on the side, facing backwards.

This is for a 4WD I am not sure if 2WD is different.

It is easy to miss the Pitman arm and the two on the idler arm assemblies. Their tucked up high and hard to see.

Cab air filter

Wix 24805 $16.24 at amazon prime how to How to Cabin Air Filter 99-02

Engine Air filter

$20.40 at amazon prime my pick - Wix 42488 Air Filter

  • Wix 42488 Air Filter - $20 at amazon prime
  • Wix 42487 Air Filter - $20 at amazon prime
  • Fram CA8755A Extra Guard Flexible Panel Air Filter $12.47 at amazon prime
  • K&N 33-2129
  • Bosch 5499WS / F00E164808 Workshop Engine Air Filter
  • Purolator PA45314 PureONE Air Filter
  • Spectre Performance HPR8755 Air Filter

K&N 33-2129 - 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3L V8 Air Filter

  • Designed to increase horsepower & torque for the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with the 5.3L engine.
  • Washable & Reusable
  • This K&N Silverado 1500 air filter lasts the lifetime of your vehicle.

Remanufactured 4l60e transmission