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The Auto Detailing Podcast - Making You A Better Detailer

Jimbo sells information and consulting for professional detailers. He push Google adsense. There are some gems for me as I want to know the money and time saving tips of the professionals. However, there is a lot of self promotion and Professional insider material for me to wade through.

youtube by Jimbo Balaam Auto Detailing Tips: Paint Fillers, Why I love them and HD Speed test

youtube COATINGS!!! The Good, Bad, and UGLY Truth About Ceramic Coatings

older to newer

  1. wax
  2. sealant
  3. coating

jimbo looks for

Not tied to any brand. Like Scott Perkin in Canada.

Looking at Richard Linn thick coating.

  • Ease of use
  • Avoid too much Hype
  • Not too expensive
  • provides harder and thicker barrier
  • Jimbo says coatings last too long for profit
  • sealants bring cutomer back sooner