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Seismic G7 and Aeon trucks

Silverfish Longboarding Forum

Carver Skateboards - c7 trucks and more

Carver Truck Set - $100

Carver C7 Truck Kit - $168

The C7 Truck KIT comes as a matched set with our C2.4 6.5 rear truck and includes:

  • ( 2 ) Front and ( 2 ) Rear Carver gasket riser pads
  • (8) 1 1/4” Mounting bolts
  • (4) 70mm 78a Smoke color Roundhouse wheels with bearings
  • (1) Carver Pipewrench magnetic skate tool.

Tyler Hatzikian Deck with C7

Hatzikian Riddler Complete Page

Recommended with the C7 truck set for flowing single fin performance.

  • 35 1/2” Long
  • 9 7/8” Wide
  • 20.75” Wheelbase

Designed with Tyler Hatzikian for the local hills and alleys of El Segundo, the Riddler surfskate picks up on the interstitial space between longboard trimming and highly maneuverable carving. The mid-sized deck is long enough to move around on while still keeping the responsive turning characteristics of the Riddler.

A great transitional size that will help longboarders practice cutbacks and strengthen maneuvers on the wave, it features a single concave down the length and a proper kick tail for pivot turns, acid drops and anything else you can think of popping.

Theo Quenee - Carver Skateboards review

CX and C7 shown

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Colin Reeder - Carver Skateboard Review - C7 Trucks

The French Brothers - Carver Skateboarding

Carver Skateboards - Taylor Knox

Carver Skateboards Surfskate - Hard Water - Evolutions

Pouring metal trucks

Patrick Chapman - CARVER SKATEBOARDS - Dogtown Surfskate / Streetsurf

Hans Augustenborg - Surf the streets - Carver Skateboards Denmark

MC Downhill Channel - Carver Surf Skate Tutorial

Emily Fulmer - Carving the 31” Taylor Knox Pro Model

BRoc silverfishlongboarding post

I’ve ridden both but own 2 pairs of CXs. I don’t know if I agree with everything he says in the video. You can’t go wrong with either truck but IMO: There is no real price difference anymore. C7s use to cost more but now they both seem to cost the same or CXs are a bit more.

The CX pumps equally as well as the C7 once you know how to pump. C7 may have more sway and CX may have more snap but both pump equally well.

The C7 is heavier and probably not as good for tricks but it is better for grinding as it has no kingpin clearance issues. I grind with the CX with no real issues but I’m not a great grinder. If I was I’d flip the kingpin or ride C7s.

CXs are lighter, require no real tuning and ride perfect out of the box (once you loosen them to the 0 thread as they come cranked down to about the 3rd thread).

Neither ride fakie well at all but I’m working hard at fakie riding on the CXs and it is definitely more accessible once you swap the rear RS washer to a flat washer and shorten your stance a bit. I’m actually trying to do a little tech slide type stuff with CXs and Rainskates hornets but its a slow process as the board has a lot of sway and lean.

Neil Carver recommended CXs to me when I asked him which I should buy.

I know Carver makes most of their boards without a front kick to simulate that surf look/feel but IMO Carvers benefit greatly from a front kick (blunt or normal) as it creates a nice foot stop for location or for driving your front foot pump for quick speed and acceleration.


40″ BRAD EDWARDS Gravity Product Page

At Muir Skate

Gravity Brad Edwards Pro “Skull Beach” Skateboard Deck w/ Grip product page


Like the good man Brad Edwards says below, this board was designed by a pro for all those that have dreamed to ride just like him.

You can think of it as an oversized street longboard skateboard, so I guess you can call it a street longboard skateboard.

This board has a super functional round kicktail and a scooped nose with a deep concave to help lock in the rider in while they are riding any discipline their heart desires.

This board measures in at 40” long and 9” wide. With this board you can slide, hit up the park, dive into the pools, rip the ditches, mess around on the banks, and even fly around slalom cones.

With this street longboard skateboard, we recommend setting it up with some either Randal 150’s for carving or Independent 169’s for the pools, ditches, and parks. For wheels we recommend setting up the Brad Edwards with Abec 11 NOskoolZ. Gravity’s Description

“This deck is more an evolution than it is a longboard skateboard. It’s the board I’ve wanted my whole life but never had the capabilities or freedom to manufacture. Thanks to Gravity’s patience and liberal R&D, It’s finally here and better than I could explain in words. You just have to ride one to understand. Parks, hills, ditches, pools, banks, or cones it’s truly an evolution.” -Brad Edwards

New 2010 graphic by Nick Johnson

        L:40.00" / W:9.00" / N:6.50" / T:7.50" / WB:22.00"
        Wood: 7ply Hardrock Maple

Gravity Pool Model 36

Gravity 2016 Pool Model 36 Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

  • Length (in): 36
  • Width (in): 9.25
  • Wheelbase (in): 17.25
  • Plys: 7
  • Construction: Maple
  • Griptape: Standard Black; Applied by Manufacturer

$83 at

Pool King Alva Piscado Grande Deck

$75 at

Pool King Skateboards Alva Power Station Piscado Grande Deck Crimson 12x37

  • 12” x 37”
  • 18” Wheelbase

Neanderthal1 on vxb green bearings

post at silverfishlongboarding

I’ve been running green shield VXB’s for a long time now… so I still use speed rings and spacers. I buy the bearings by the box (100) so the per set cost is dirt cheap.


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