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they are built out of a three-phase induction motor or generator, called an idler, on which two of the terminals (the idler inputs) are powered from the single phase line. The rotating flux in the motor produces a voltage on the third terminal. A voltage is induced in the third terminal that is shifted by 120° from the voltage between the first two terminals. In a three-winding motor, two of the windings are acting as a motor, and the third winding is acting as a generator.

kayind.com - Sizing and Selection Tables

Phase converters are our only business. We are true specialists. We do not engage in any activity that would divert our attention from the serious business of helping our customers operate three-phase equipment from a single-phase source.

The Phasemaster® three-phase converter is the oldest commercial rotary converter in existence. Its original patents were issued in 1963 and it has the longest continuous field service record of any phase converter brand on the market

  • First with a rotary converter (1960)
  • First with packaged internal controls (1972)
  • First to offer a performance guarantee (1975)
  • First to offer an Independent Agency Approval Label (CSA 1979)
  • First to institute national toll-free phone lines (1980)
  • First to offer an extended product warranty (1986)

Phasemaster® Type MA

The best engineered, most reliable Rotary Phase Converter you can buy.

Whether you need to power an air compressor, a woodworking shop, or a laser, you’ll find the Phasemaster® Type MA rotary three phase converter up to the task. This general-purpose rotary phase converter is a reliable source of true three-phase power. When connected to a 230 volt 1-phase line, the Type MA phase converter produces 3-phase power at its output terminals with each phase shifted 120°. You get a near replica of utility 3-phase power-more economically.

Use our sizing charts to determine which Type MA phase converter is right for your application. Remember, however, that the most important factor in proper sizing is the application for which your motor is used. The MA phase converter is available in 3 standard configurations. The MA, the MA-A with automatic controls, and the MA-R with a built in disconnect switch. Look at our application guide to find out which model is best for your application, take a look at the product literature, or contact us for assistance.

finewoodworking.com article QA: Making Three-Phase Machines Work in a One-Phase Shop

A rotary converter, which looks like a heavy-duty electric motor with an over-sized junction box attached, functions as both a motor and a generator. As a rotary converter is spun by single-phase power, it generates three-phase power to run other machines. More expensive than a static converter, a rotary converter costs around $600 for a 3-hp unit but doesn’t have the starting and reduced-power problems that occur with a static converter. If you expect to own several three-phase machines, buy a good-sized rotary converter, which will be more economical in the long run.

americanrotary.com manufacturer and distributor of the largest selection of phase converters

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Your Complete Source for Industrial Power. American Rotary is the manufacturer and distributor of the largest selection of phase converters and transformers online! We are the only phase converter company to offer every type of phase converter - static, rotary and digital.

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Best for: 5HP General Purpose, CNC, motor loads, combination loads, light to heavy loads … For a 10HP load, see our AD20