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Agency: Forest Service Map includes the Laramie Mountains south of Douglas. Travel the scenic forest roads through the mountains while camping, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and wildlife viewing. 4WD in LaBonte Canyon with opportunities for easy to more difficult hiking in the scenic canyon. Map shows recreation information, camping and recreation areas, corrals, points of interest, historical sites, and other Forest Service facilities. Forest roads and trails are clearly marked. Map is useful for OHV use, and WY Antelope Hunting Units 30, 42, and 103; WY Deer HU 64, 65, and 66; WY Elk HU 7, and 19. Printed on synthetic paper. 2010 Item No. 1593511364

Wyoming Road & Recreation Atlas Wyoming Atlas & Gazetteer

Wyoming Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas by National Geographic Maps

Wyoming Road & Recreation Atlas Benchmark Press 0929591968 0929591992