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Ultrasonic transducers are generally rated by their input power requirements. In the frequency ranges we’re talking about, most of the transducers are 60 watts each. They actually output something less than that into the cleaning solution of course. The rules of thumb for the small tank sizes we’re using is that you want total transducer power of 80 to 120 watts per gallon. The Sonix IV ST-136 has three 60-watt transducers for a total of 180 watts into 1.5 gallons. So that’s at the upper end of the power range needed (180watts /1.5 gal. = 120 watts/gallon).

Assuming the total transducer power is appropriate for the tank size, the other rule of thumb is you can clean just under approx. 2 sq inches of surface area per watt of input power at any point in time. So that’s about 350 sq. inches of surface area in the tank, max., or 3 albums (6 album sides) with about ⅓ of each album immersed at any given instant. That just happens to work out to be about 1 album per 60watt transducer.

Be careful when looking at power stats for UCs. They often quote “Peak Power” which is startup power draw, and that usually includes the heater wattage too! What’s relevant for the cleaning capability is just the ave. transducer power only, not at peak, and not including the heater.

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All Electronics - dcm-466 - 0.72 RPM autotrol 200-0494

All Electronics 1.5 RPM GEAR MOTOR, 120 VAC CAT# ACM-135

Hexin P/N 14011305. 1.5 RPM timing-type motor. Clock-wise rotation. Operates on 120Vac, 60Hz, 3W. 0.25” (6.5mm) flatted shaft is 0.75” long. Oval, 63 x 49 x 23mm deep. Two mounting holes on 48mm (1.875”) centers. 32” pigtail leads. cULus.

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