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$16.19 for 11”x100’ at amazon prime

tom4416 on January 29, 2015 As good as the “originals” at half the cost!

Works as good as the name brand bags and less than half the price! The rolls are too large to fit into the dispenser on my foodsaver so I took a piece of 1” PVC and used that as the inner roller and rolled half of each roll onto these and now they fit perfectly and the PVC rollers will last forever and obviously you could use 3/4” but I happened to have some leftover 1” which is the same size as the cardboard tube that comes with the bags. I’ll be reordering these as needed as they work perfectly and save me even more money.

Mitsurugi on December 5, 2015 Better than the standard FoodSaver bags, and half the price

Note: I use a FoodSaver FM2000 vacuum sealer, and these work great for it, with some caveats.

Having used both the FoodSaver brand sealer bags and these, it may come as a surprise when I say that these are actually superior. The construction is similar, they work just as well as regular FoodSaver bags, but the difference is that you can seal these in any orientation in your FoodSaver. With these, if you cut them and turn the bag 90 degrees, it will still seal because the bags have a crosshatch design that will allow a vacuum, regardless of which side of the bag is left unsealed. With the FoodSaver bags, the lines in the bag form non-overlapping waves that travel in a single direction, so if you turn the cut bag sideways, your foodsaver won’t be able to apply a vacuum to the bag.

This is very useful, because this allows you to make packages smaller than 11 inches wide, if you want. I do this a lot when freezing leftover fresh herbs like basil, but I mostly use it when I make guacamole for lunches, because I can make a big batch of it once all the avocados are ripe, then put the finished guac into index-card sized pouches that I can vacuum-seal, stick in my freezer, and pull out as I need. That way, I can make individually-portioned guacamole that will last for months in the freezer.

The only minor problem with these bags is that the rolls are much thicker than the FoodSaver rolls. They’ll fit vertically just fine, but there’s too much bag on the roll to fit into the FM2000 model’s dispenser right out of the packaging. This is an easy fix, though. If you have the smaller version of the FoodSaver like the FM2000 (I don’t know about the larger version, or other brands of vacuum sealers), the rolls will fit in just fine, so long as you re-roll about half of the generic roll onto another cardboard tube (you don’t even really need the tube, it just makes it easier to unroll when you’re using your FoodSaver). If your FoodSaver is still fairly new, make sure to save the cardboard tube from the original roll so you can use it for this task.

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