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youtube Axe Junkies - Council Tool: Classic Jersey & Boys Axe Review/ Field-test….Rooster 3.5# Jersey Classic w/ Forged Bevels; 36″ Curved Wooden Handle $72.80 Jersey Axe Page 3.5# Jersey Axe w/ 36″ Curved Handle product page Velvicut® 2# Premium Hudson Bay Bush Craft/Camp Axe with Sheath and 24″ Handle

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youtube Bushcraft412 - Council Tools Miner’s Axe review

Council Tool Product Page 3.5# Dayton pattern single bit axe with 26″ straight handle. Add to Wishlist loading SKU: 35MD26 $44.60

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youtube Ben’s Backwoods - Big Chips! ( V Notch Axe Bucking )

youtube Bushcraft412 - The three best $20 axes you can buy

A look at 3 axes that are super high value that you can buy for around $20. First is the Marbles camp axe, Second is the Vaughan 22 oz carpenters hatchet and the third is the Council tools 2lb 18” hudson bay axe.

Vaughan 22 oz carpenters hatchet at Walmart for $19.88

  • $57 at amazon Council Tool Classic Jersey Axe (3.5 lbs.) with 36" Curved Handle 35JC36C
  • $61.50 at amazonj Husqvarna 576926201 26 in. Curved Handle Multipurpose Axe

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