Einstein E640 Flash

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Einstein E640 Flash Unit

  • 9 f-stop power variability (2.5 Ws to 640 Ws)
  • all-digital control from enormous LCD display
  • global plug-and-play from 95 to 265 VAC
  • adjustable in precise 1/10 f-stops
  • action-stopping up to 1/13,500 second (t.1)
  • color consistency +/- 50° at any power
  • bright, voltage-controlled 250 Watt modeling lamp
  • frosted dome cover reduces UV emission
  • audible and visual recycle indicator alert options
  • "Easy Set" button for quick return to default settings
  • complete remote control capability with CyberSync™

Freeze Frame By: Nathan Cool

As a follow-up, in this blog I’ll talk about one of the speed demons of strobes that can not only freeze most fast-paced action, but also emit enough light to overpower the sun, allowing your subjects to be as expressive as they want to be with no fear of blur.

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