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Paul Sellers Site

youtube Paul Sellers shows how to make a Shooting Board article Clamps – practical ones for newstart woodworkers

Clamp instead of dogs

youtube An Alternative to Bench Dogs with Paul Sellers

Harbor Freight has the clamps

24 inch 24 in. Aluminum Bar Clamp Pittsburgh

36 inch 36 in. Aluminum Bar Clamp

48 inch 48 in. Aluminum Bar Clamp Pittsburgh

60 inch 60 in. Aluminum Bar Clamp article Alluminium clamps – Retrofit makes a perfect clamp article Buying good tools cheap – smoothing planes

youtube Marty Backe - Harbor Freight Bar Clamp Enhancements

clamp pads at amazon

Hand Planes

  • Stanley or Record pre 1970
  • The #4, #4 1/2, #5 and #5 1/2 planes can be bought for under £30 if you shop wisely

I reach equally and without preference between Stanleys and Records. This tells me a lot. It’s a mix of reasons but two that keep me firmly impressed that my choice is right for me. I prefer thinner irons because when properly sharpened and set they don’t chatter and the steel in both plane types sharpen up quickly, being only half as thick as irons made by more prominent makers of today, and take and hold a good sharp edge. I also like the lightness of these planes which of course is counter to everything we are being told today. More on this elsewhere on my blog. For most of the people I know and meet, cost is an important factor. The #4, #4 1/2, #5 and #5 1/2 planes can be bought for under £30 if you shop wisely. Even well maintained ones can be had for this. I use Stanley and Record planes over and more than all others, but I like other planes too.

A #5 jack is excellent for luthier work and will straighten and thin all of your stock for fronts, backs and sides and it will do that within thousandths of an inch as needed. The jack plane measures around 35.5cm (14”) long and has an overall width of 64mm (2 1/2”). More than sized for making guitars, violins and cellos too. Essential hand tools available

youtube AmericanWoodworker - Joint and Thickness-Plane with a Router

Here’s a solution for stock that’s impossible or unwise to mill using your jointer and planer, such as an end-grain cutting board. All you have to do is build a simple jig that lets you slide your router back and forth above the stock. It’s just like having a CNC machine—without the CNC!