Power Plane

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shipwright post at lumberjocks.com

I have two of these. They were around $300 back in the eighties when they stopped making them. I guess the reason they can command a high value now is that they were so good and newer ones just aren’t. They were the standard in all the shipyards for heavy timber shaping and generally were bulletproof workhorses. I still use one I’ve had for ~35 years and it’s still as good as ever. the other one got dropped an broke a casting, so I keep it for parts.

I wouldn’t pay $800 for one I don’t think but I’m sure you can pay that much for a “modern” one that won’t keep up to it in production work.

Sorry about the rant. It’s just that this is about the best power tool pound for pound that I’ve ever owned.

Expensive skil 100 and parts