Router Dado Jig

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Take ideas from Jay Bates


and router board Routerboard

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Jay’s assembly model with cutlist layout

I sized the router guides to have 3” of distance from the fence to the zero clearance line. That should be enough for most routers using a 1-2” router bit. With a 1/2” bit installed in my router the distance from the edge of the bit to the end of the base plate is 2-3/4” so I needed to cut a new zero clearance edge on both guides.

The fences will be below the router guides and the front fence needs to be perpendicular to the stationary guide. That way only one reference mark is needed on the work piece to establish the location. Wood glue and brads will hold it in place.

The second fence doesn’t necessarily need to be perpendicular. It just needs to allow enough room for the floating guide to move freely. Again, wood glue and brads to hold it while the glue dries.

Jay - I used hardware that I already had on hand which was 5/16” x 3-1/2” carriage bolts and matching t-nuts. You could probably get away with a smaller diameter bolt and wing nut.

To set the width of the dado insert the material that will be going into the dado into the jig. Adjust the floating guide to sandwich the material. And tighten down the hold down blocks.


Multi Function Table Saw Hold Down Jig

for t-nut with carriage bolt details

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