Hillary's America Movie

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National Review movie review Hillary’s America — A Two-by-Four Bashing Democrats

Andrew Jackson, the openly racist president who was the founder of the Democratic party

Jackson’s expulsion of the Indians to reservations in the 1830s was opposed by Republican congressman Davy Crockett

northern Democrats were instrumental to slavery’s survival in the pre–Civil War era

Democrats after the war voted against civil rights for blacks at the federal level

after losing that fight, they managed to impose Jim Crow laws against blacks in the South.

Ida B. Wells challenged President Woodrow Wilson in the White House over his racist resegregation of the federal work force

Wilson ignored her entreaties and proceeded to host a White House screening of D. W. Griffith’s infamous film Birth of a Nation.

Franklin Roosevelt’s decision not to pursue anti-lynching laws

it was Democrats who tried to block the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Congressional Republicans supported it in greater percentages than Democrats did.

Onetime segregationist Strom Thurmond did switch parties, D’Souza concedes, but he notes the fact that fewer than 1 percent of Southern Democrats who opposed civil rights followed Thurmond in joining the GOP. The rest remained Democrats until they exited politics.

D’Souza then interviews Jonah Goldberg, asking him about the connections he has drawn between the Democratic party, Wilson, and birth-control advocate and eugenicist Margaret Sanger (the film shows Hillary Clinton lavishly praising Sanger).

The film then takes a rather abrupt turn from history to focus on Hillary Clinton. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, he notes, were acolytes of the great left-wing “community organizer” Saul Alinsky.

Hillary would use her senior thesis at Wellesley to paint an admiring portrait of Alinsky.

Bill Clinton as a sexual predator and Hillary as an enabler of his behavior.

D’Souza ends his roasting of Hillary by denouncing her for her “hateful rhetoric” and labeling the Clintons “depraved crooks” who will “turn all of America into a plantation” if they get back in the White House.