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Gimp 2.8 User Manual

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Grokking the Gimp Online

youtube Neon Halo

mojoe60 - How To Make A Neon Halo With Gimp

A walk through Grokking the Gimp Online

A walk through the gimp manual

Meet the GIMP! Video tutorials for GIMP and other free graphics programs GIMP 2.8 Plus Tutorials for Photographers



youtube PhotoAdvanced GIMP 2.8 tutorials Getting Around in GIMP Free/Open Source Photography Community


youtube Swapnil Chitnis - Speed Tracing Bitmaps In Inkscape Converting Color Images to B&W

John Philip Jones

GIMP 2.8 Tutorials GIMP 2.8 Tutorials - Shows how to use GIMP 2.8 - John Philip Jones 18 videos


Gimp Manual - Alpha to Selection

Gimp Manual - Color to Alpha

youtube Kevin Legault - Layer Masking - GIMP 2 8 - Tutorial

youtube video GIMP Tutorial - Use Channel Mask to Select Hair and Fur by VscorpianC

        select -> save to channel
        channel mask named "selection mask copy"
        L-click layer to make active
        edit -> copy
        L-click channel mask
        edit -> paste into
 forum Topic: How to copypaste an alpha layer in GIMP?

        Layer -> Mask -> Add Layer Mask -> Transfer layer's alpha channel
        Hit the "alt" key while clicking with the left mouse's button in the new layer that appears in the right.
        The new layer will be surrounded by a green line.
        So you can copy it and paste it, but before paste it, you need to do the same in the destination texture:
         Layer -> Mask -> Add Layer Mask -> Transfer layer's alpha channel
        Hit the "alt" key while clicking with the left mouse's button in the new layer that appears in the right.
        Then paste the alpha there and right click on the layer and "Anchor layer"
        Right click again and "Apply Layer Mask".

youtube Computer Tutorials - GIMP Selective Coloring - Good

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Tone Mapping

youtube Tone Mapping In Gimp - Behind the shutter release Photography Studio

youtube lcc0612 - Advanced Tone Mapping for GIMP

Luminosity Masks Luminosity Masks

youtube Pixel Distorts - Episode004: GIMP - Luminosity Masks


Gimp Magazine

Grokking the Gimp Online

GIMP 2.8 for Photographers: Image Editing with Open Source Software by Klaus Goelker ISBN-10: 1937538265

The Artist’s Guide to GIMP: Creative Techniques for Photographers, Artists, and Designers by Michael J. Hammel ISBN-10: 1593274149

The Book of GIMP: A Complete Guide to Nearly Everything by Olivier Lecarme ISBN-10: 1593273835

sRGB - ICC profile

Add ICC Profiles In GIMP article Peter West Carey - How to Add ICC Profiles In GIMP A Full-Featured Open-Source Framework for Image Processing article LAB Lightness to black and white using GIMP 2.8

VscorpianC GIMP Tutorials and Tips

youtube playlist VscorpianC GIMP Tutorials and Tips

youtube video GIMP Tutorial - Use Channel Mask to Select Hair and Fur by VscorpianC

youtube video GIMP Tutorial - How to Add an Alpha Channel to Any Image by VscorpianC

youtube video GIMP Tutorial - Masking Tool How to Add a Layer Mask by VscorpianC

white is reveal. black is hide


ArgyllCMS is an ICC compatible color management system, available as Open Source. It supports accurate ICC profile creation for scanners, cameras and film recorders, and calibration and profiling of displays and RGB & CMYK printers. Device Link can be created with a wide variety of advanced options, including specialized Video calibration standards and 3dLuts. Spectral sample data is supported, allowing a selection of illuminants observer types, and paper fluorescent whitener additive compensation. Profiles can also incorporate source specific gamut mappings for perceptual and saturation intents. Gamut mapping and profile linking uses the CIECAM02 appearance model, a unique gamut mapping algorithm, and a wide selection of rendering intents. It also includes code for the fastest portable 8 bit raster color conversion engine available anywhere, as well as support for fast, fully accurate 16 bit conversion. Device color gamuts can also be viewed and compared with a modern Web browser using X3DOM . Comprehensive documentation is provided for each major tool, and a general guide to using the tools for typical color management tasks is also available. A mailing list provides support for more advanced usage.

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