Length Gauge

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$13 8020 T Slot Aluminum Joining Plate 40 S 40-4325 N

Make Your Own Bar Gauge using Veritas bar gauge heads. See toolmonger.com article

Niki at lumberjocks.com

shows how to make a Bar Gauge (or simply - Checking diagonals) in this Forum Topic

        The “bars” are made of 1/4” thick pine.
        The “fences” are made of 1/8” pine but plywood is ok
        The round edges are cut from curtain rail but a dowel or broomstick will do.

I made the fences so I can hold the bars with one hand and clamp with the other hand.

I made the round edges after I got tired to clean the glue squeeze-out from the “Schpitz” (German for apex) of the bars.

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