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Great video by Tony Roslund article Skip The Lab: How To Mount And Frame Prints Yourself by Tony Roslund

Making my own frames will be big win.

Do-it-yourself Acrylic Facemount vs Pay To Have It Done

Wayne Fox reply 13

Once you get to a 20x30 it’s a two man job

(regarding Peter Lik) According to several of his sales staff including one who claimed is his lead trainer, he has switched from Lexan to acrylic. He uses FujiFlex, which is one of several “fuji crystal archive” paper, although technically it’s not a paper, but rather a polyester based product. The result is a mirror smooth surface which is ideal for face mounting.

I’m more concerned with the sudden move to aluminum, which has most of the visual qualities of face mounted prints but is more durable and very scratch resistant. However the testing shows me the magenta dyes will fade faster than others meaning the print will gradually turn green over time. I’d love to see Aardenburg test an aluminum print like this, because if it lasts as well as face mounted acrylic it’s something I’d look into making.

Highly-saturated, ultra-glossy landscapes - Metal prints vs Fujiflex