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$19 at amazon prime Neewer Barn Door & Honeycomb Grid & Gel Set LARGE for Alienbees Alienbee

Great for all monolight brands using a 6.5” to 7” reflector including Elinchrom, Bowens, Profoto, Novatron, Speedotron , Norman Smith-Victor, Hensel , Alien Bees, Visico, White Lightning etc.

$14 at amazon Neewer Barn Door and Honeycomb Grid and Gel Set for Hensel, Elinchrom, Photogenic

$15 at amazon prime Neewer Black Four Leaf Barn Door Barndoor for Photography Studio Flash Light

$20 at amazon prime Neewer Photography E27 110V AC Studio Strobe Monolight Lamp Bulb Light Head with Reflector

Neewer product page Neewer 180W 180 Watt Photographic Studio Strobe Flash Light

  • Flash Output: 180WS
  • Guide Number(m ISO 100): 45
  • Color Temperature: 5600±200K
  • Operating Voltage: AC100V-130V 50-60HZ
  • Flash Power Control: 1/8-full (stepless)
  • Modeling Lamp:75WS(adjustable)
  • Triggering Method: Sync Cord, Slave, Test Button,Flash Trigger
  • Flash Duration: 1/2000-1/800s
  • 1 x 180W Strobe light
  • 1 x 75W Modeling bulb

$46 at amazon prime Neewer 180W 5600K Photo Studio Flash

CowboyStudio, JTL Photo Studio Snoot for Strobe Flash On Amazon. Fits neewer strobes

$28 at amazon prime Cowboystudio Backlight Strobe Flash Studio Photography Kit


$32 at amazon prime CowboyStudio Snoot - 7-inch base

$11 at Amazon Prime CowboyStudio, JTL Photo Studio Snoot for Strobe Flash

$18.50 at amazon prime Neewer Metal Body Photo Conical Studio Snoot with Honeycomb Grid for Strobe Flash Speedlight Photography Light Modifier Ideal for Compact AC Moonlights Like Bowens

Rosco Labs

Pica Cubes

From Lizz W.

Pica Cube product page

The Pica Cube™ line, based on the popular Miro Cube™ fixture line, are the world’s smallest, professional grade LED fixtures. They come standard in three LED configurations – 4C (RGBW Quad Chip Color Mixing), WNC (Warm, Neutral, Cool White Light) and UV (LED Black Light). Pica Cubes™ are perfect for use in entertainment, theatrical, architectural, themed environment, photographic and museums.

Ready for the most demanding professional environments, the Pica Cube™ is powered by 12-24VDC or 12VAC wall adapter and has RJ45 connectors for DMX input and output. One universe of high speed DMX512 in 8 or 16 bit resolution allow for completely flicker free dimming from your console. An optional “Filament Mode” can be set to mimic the fade of an incandescent lamp going to black. For use without DMX, an intuitive interface panel dials in brightness and color temperature.

Key Features

  • 4C single chip optic with homogenizing lens features superb color uniformity and fringe-free shadows
  • Unique patented (US Patent No. 8,767,398) heat management system packs the most lumens into the smallest form factor
  • Variable power input from 12-24VDC enables versatile power options
  • Over 90 luminaires on a single 20A circuit
  • Flicker-free dimming in 8 or 16 bit resolution
  • Intuitive on-board controls
  • Easily installed in many applications using CAT5 cable that carries Power + Data
  • Full assortment of spot, medium and wide lenses included
  • Modular design easily configures in strips and arrays for maximum versatility
  • Novel “filament mode” mimics the delayed blackout glow of incandescent fixtures

The Black Tank

Size Matters. Compact LED Fixtures.

$389 store

Rosco Laboratories PICACUBE-4C Light Black with No Power Supply


Projection, Lights and Staging News

Stage Directions


With its flat profile, the OSRAM OSTAR® Stage Family provides an extremely narrow beam and high luminance. This makes the LEDs the perfect choice for all kinds of moveable lighting arrangements.

Reflector dish

$18 at amazon prime Haoge 7” Standard Reflector Diffuser Lamp Shade Dish for Bowens Mount Studio Light Strobe Flash

$15 at amazon prime Simple Studio Strobe Standard 7 inch Reflector Dish - Bowens Mount

$15 at amazon prime Fomito 55 Degree 7 Inch Standard Reflector Lamp Cover Dish Diffuser

Photography guide for modelers


Hobby LEDS page Hobby LEDs for your projects. Truly easy to use. Ready to go!

$8 at amazon prime PWM Dimming Controller For LED Lights

$2.74 at amazon Leegoal LEDwholesalers LED Strip Lights PWM Dimming Controller For LED Lights