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Inspired by this product at Garrett Wade.

Garrett Wade page Classic Burners For Travel & Remote Cooking In use for many decades by wilderness travelers

For years we have been passionate fans of hand pumped kerosene pressure lamps, but only recently did we become aware of the fantastic utility of the same basic heating system for remote camp cooking - like mountain climbing in the Himalayas or exploration trekking. (In fact, this system is also still in wide ordinary use in many undeveloped places in the world.) We located a maker in South Asia, and tested two of his models that were most appropriate for our recreation environment in the USA. The results were exciting. The amount of heat (also real local warmth) that was generated at the burner was very high and could be efficiently and cheaply maintained for many hours if necessary.

Butterfly #2412

classiccampstoves.com/thread Butterfly #2412 Kero Stove

$60 on Amazon Butterfly #2412 Kerosene Brass Pressure Stove

$75 at stpaulmercantile.com


The Butterfly #2412 Brass Pressure stove is made from solid brass. It can be disassembled, sealed, and carried in a backpack. Like pressurized kerosene lanterns, pressure stoves must be pre-heated with a couple teaspoons of denatured alcohol. The burning alcohol heats the brass burner, then when you start pumping, the kerosene rises inside the burner and vaporizes. The kerosene vapor catches fire and the stove starts. Once started, the heat from the flame keeps the burner hot enough to continue the vaporization process, plus the fuel in the tank warms enough to keep the stove pressurized, so you often don’t need to pump.

Included with your brass stove are 3 removable stove supports, 3 pick tools for cleaning, a wrench to disassemble the burner, and a brass cap that seals the tank when the burner assembly is removed. The tank is shown in the sealed position. The cap, when removed, attaches to the end of the pump so it doesn’t get lost.


It holds .9 litres of fuel. Height is 21cm (8.25 inches), width 20cm (7.9 inches), weight 1.25kg (2 lbs 12 oz), heat output maximum of 9000 btuh. It will burn over 3 hours on a tank of fuel.

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