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H. Clinton on alt-right

Clinton’s speech in Reno on August 25, 2016

youtube 2016-08-25 - Hillary Clinton goes after Trump’s controversial “alt-right” supporters

cnn opinion Timothy Stanley - Clinton’s alt-right con trick

Editor’s note: Timothy Stanley, a conservative, is a historian and columnist for Britain’s Daily Telegraph. He is the author of “Citizen Hollywood: How the Collaboration Between L.A. and D.C. Revolutionized American Politics.” The opinions expressed in this commentary are his.

Red Ice Radio

youtube Red Ice Live - Millennial Woes: Brexit Only the Beginning

Michael Hoffman on “Denial


youtube Red Ice Live - Michael Hoffman on “Denial,” new Movie about “Holocaust Denier” David Irving

Benton Bradberry - The Myth of German Villainy


youtube Red Ice Radio - Benton Bradberry - The Myth of German Villainy - Hour 1