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Zentangle Kit - $49.00

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zentangle.com - Learn More About Zentangle

youtube Zentangle’s Betweed

youtube Zentangle’s Mooka

youtube Ellen Wolters - How to draw tanglepattern Y-Ful Power

youtube Ellen Wolters - How to draw tanglepattern Flux (along a wavy line)

youtube Ellen Wolters - How to draw tanglepattern Shnek This pattern is created by Hanny: zenjoy.ch

zenjoy.ch Zentangle inspired art

youtube Ellen Wolters - How to draw tanglepattern Shattuck2

youtube Ellen Wolters - How to draw tanglepattern Flower Vine This pattern is created by Susan Pundt

youtube Ellen Wolters - How to draw tanglepattern MI2

youtube Ellen Wolters - How to draw tanglepattern Knyt and Nitruly Published on Jun 30, 2016 This pattern is created by Lyndel Churchill

pinterest.com - Zentangle: Grid Influenced

youtube channel Melinda Barlow CZT Certified Zentangle Teacher

Melinda Barlow site Melinda Barlow CZT and Zentangle Meets Typography

Ina’s Tangles - Zentangle patterns, artwork and more

Lyndel Churchill blog maybe?

Deb Prewitt Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Blue Twig Studio

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        Deb Prewitt
        Blue Twig Studio
        5039 N Academy Blvd
        Colorado Springs, CO 80918
        United States

A Little Lime

Hi, I’m Helen. I live in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia with my husband

My style: I love to incorporate zentangle patterns in different ways in my drawings, sometimes to create something a little unexpected. I am mad for flowers and like to draw them, finding ways to use patterns either within the flowers, or to accompany them, and still maintain a “naturalistic” look.

I am a minimalist at heart, and find it an exciting challenge to be able to work with pattern intensive designs that retain simple, clean lines. I also love to share knowledge, so I hope that you come back often to see what’s new.

youtube A Little Lime - Heartstrings

alittlelime - Step by step patterns

die cutting paper

ucutathome.com site

Sizzix 657650 BIGkick Cutting/Embossing Machine,

123stitch.com product $23.30 Spellbinders Card Creator Dies - Matting Basics B Spellbinders S6-026

Spellbinders junior magnetic placement mat

no more shimms mat

$8.21 on amazon prime Sizzix Accessory Cutting Pads, Standard, Mint

Each Cutting Pad measures 8 3/4-Inch by 6 1/8-Inch by 1/8-Inch

Sizzix BIGkick/Big Shot/Vagabond Magnetic Platform, 6.125 by 8.875 by .625-Inch

  • 1: 2 1/8",
  • 2: 2 5/8",
  • 3: 3 1/8",
  • 4: 3 5/8",
  • 5: 4 1/8",
  • 6: 4 5/8",
  • 7: 5 1/8",
  • 8: 5 5/8".

123stitch.com page Spellbinders Card Creator Dies - Matting Basics A Spellbinders S6-025

  • 1: 2 3/8",
  • 2: 2 7/8",
  • 3: 3 3/8",
  • 4: 3 7/8",
  • 5: 4 3/8",
  • 6: 4 7/8",
  • 7: 5 3/8",
  • 8: 5 7/8".
        14852 Heritagecrest Way, Unit C
        Bluffdale, UT 84065 
        subject: how to use a card creator die
        I'm looking for a way to die cut squares from paper stock.  This kit looks like it will do what I want, but I'm really not sure.
        I would like to see instructions and possibly a video on how these are used.


toadhollowstudio.com article The Best Drawing Paper For Graphite Pencil

affiliate link Canson Classic Cream Drawing Pad

$13.32 at amazon prime Arches Cold Press Watercolor Pad, 9”X12” 12 sheets. 140lb


youtube StampingScrappingCo - Spellbinders Card Creator Card

youtube Angel Crafts - Spellbinders Nestabilities Card Creator Dies

youtube Scottie Crafts - Wendy’s World - Spellbinders Card Creator Dies - 10.01.2014

youtube Suzy Makes Reviews the Spellbinders Sapphire Die Cut & Embossing Machine

ScrappyChatDesigns - Using Spellbinders magnetic mat with nesting dies


paper tiles

$0.08 each - $5.53 for 75 at amazon prime 3.5x3.5 - Studio Series Artist’s Tiles: White (75 pack)

$0.21 each - $4.05 at amazon add on 100 lb. Strathmore Bristol Artist Tiles, 4 x 4 Inches, Vellum, 20-Pack (62105970).

$4.18 for pad of 24 at dickblick 90 lb. Canson Classic Cream Drawing Pad - pad of 24 9x12. pad is 24x6 tiles - $.03 a tile

$12.45 for pad of 12 9x12 at dickblick 140 lb. Arches Watercolor Pads. pad is 12x6 - $0.18 a 4x4 tile

$16.18 for pad of 15 9x12 at dickblick 90 lb. Stonehenge Drawing Paper Pads. $0.18 a 4x4 tile


$2.89 at amazon add on Sakura 30181 Pigma Micron Blister Card 01 Ink Pen, 0.25-mm, Black

$2.89 at amazon add on Sakura 30581 Pigma Micron Blister Card 05 Ink Pen, 0.45-mm, Black

$2.89 amazon add on Sakura 30081 Pigma Micron Blister Card 005 Ink Pen, 0.20-mm, Black

$9.18 at amazon prime Sakura 30062 6-Piece Pigma Micron Ink Pen Set, Black. Nib sizes are 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm, 0.45mm and 0.50mm respectively

$5.63 at amazon add on Sakura 3 Piece Zentangle Pigma Apprentice Pen Set. Nib sizes are 0.25mm, 0.35mm and 0.45mm (01,03,05)


$14 at amazon prime Beckah Krahula - One Zentangle A Day: A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun (One A Day) Paperback – November 1, 2012

$14.60 at amazon prime Marie Browning, Suzanne McNeill, Sandy Bartholomew - Design Originals, Joy Of Zentangle

stencil knife

stencilrevolution.com/forum thread

Best Xacto knife?

I use an x-acto No.1 z-series handle with No.11 z-series blades for general use, a swivel knife for long curving lines, No.4 stencilling knifes as back ups and the light-duty snap-off for heavy cutting for thick boards

I definitely recommend the No.1 and No.11 setup for card and thinner just get used to how much pressure to apply so you don’t snap the blades. Unfortunately I don’t cut out of cardboard much so I can’t really advise you on that one but I’m sure there will be someone on here who can.

$6.09 for 5 at amazon prime X-ACTO Z Series Light-Weight Replacement Blade, No 11, 4-7/8 in L, Stainless Steel Blade, Gold Hue, Pack of 5

$3.46 at amazon add on X-ACTO Z Series #1 Knife with Cap (XZ3601)

Fiskars Fingertip Swivel Knife

$8.80 at amazon prime Fiskars Fingertip Swivel Knife

$5.60 for 2 at amazon prime Fiskars Swivel Knife Replacement Blades, 2 Pack (126060-1001)

youtube Carol Leather - Using a Fiskars Fingertip Swivel Detail Knife

youtube Paper Cuts - Review - Fiskars Fingertip Detail Knife

No. 11 exacto blade